Pre-Christmas Party

Our NINTH meeting took part at the Each One Teach One Pre-Christmas Party. We met at 6pm at the Solu office. While having some glögi and cookies, Flora and I talked about the German and Hungarian traffic system and penalties by traffic offences. In Germany we get points which are registered in the Central Register of Traffic in the city Flensburg. The bigger the hazard caused by the misbehaviour, the more points will be recorded on the account and the money fine will get higher. If a traffic offender has gathered 8 points, he or she must hand in the driving licence for a special period of time. Flora told me that Hungary also operated a penalty point system for traffic offences. When a driver accumulated 18 penalty points, they lost their licence and could only re-apply after a six-month ban. And than we also talked about the money in Hungarian. Flora showed me some banknotes, which are called Forint (HUF), and explained me the translation into euro (1 EUR = 314,500 HUF). It was weird seeing a 20000 Forint banknote which is equivalent to about 64€. It felt so much more.
We ate some typical German christmas sweets like Christstollen and Lebkuchen (another German girl brought it) and some Asian finger food, like onion rings, spring onions and others.
I can’t believe that our next meeting will be our last one. Time flies!

I think this is the most interesting lesson. Most useful when I visit Mariane in Portugal;) She taught me how to compliment and make conversation.

Here some useful sentence:
May I join you? – Posso me juntar a você?
May I buy you something to drink? – Posso te pagar uma bebida?
Do you want to dance? – Você quer dançar?
Do you have any plans for tonight? – Você tem planos pra hoje a noite?
Would you like to have lunch/dinner with me sometime? – Você gostaria de sair para almoçar/jantar comigo uma hora dessas?
Would you like to meet again? – O que você acha de nos encontramos novamente?
Thank you for a lovely evening! Have a great night! – Obrigado /obrigada pela ótima tarde! Tenha uma boa noite!
You’re gorgeous! – Você é lindo[he]/linda[she]!
You’re funny! – Você é engraçado[he]/engraçada[she]!
It’s been really nice talking to you! – É muito bom conversar com você!
I’m not interested. – Eu não estou interessado/interessada.


Finnish Design

For our 10th meeting, we decided to check out the Joulun Designtori in Klubi, which is a market for different Finnish designer products. Finnish design is of great significance with such companies as Finlayson, Marimekko, Iittala and Arabia, but also the smaller businesses are popular, and this market gives the opportunity for them to show their products.

We took a walk around the place to see all the handmade merchandise and we were talking about how the designers have to bulid up their own brand and business after developing something new. There were a huge variety of different jewelleries, clothes, postcards, shoes and all different kinds of accessories.  We could see that recycling is important even in this area, since there were jewelleries from old spoons for example.

After the design market, we headed to Tampere-talo, because there was also a market kind of event, which was a fundraiser where different organizations were selling their handmade products or donations, thus collecting money for different purposes, such as for schools or for helping animals. Krista told us that volunteering and these events are very common in Finland and she is also volunteering at different organizations.

For me it was really interesting to visit these two markets after each other and see the differences between them. Even if they both had handmade products, the purpose and the presentation were absolutely different.

Since this was our last meeting, we had a small discussion at the end about the meetings and the outcome. We agreed that this course is the best way to learn about language, culture, history and traditions, since we always had fun during the meetings, and even the seemingly boring topics turned out to be interesting. We have got to know plenty of interesting things through sharing our point of views and experiences, usually without even noticing that we are actually learning something.

Thank you Krista for being our personal guide in Finland and hope to see you soon! 🙂

Suomi 100

For our 9th meeting, we decided to go to the celebration of the Independance Day on the 6th of December. Since Finland declared its independance 100 years ago, it was a significant event and a huge number of people gathered in the center of Tampere to watch the performers and the fireworks.

The whole city turned into blue and white for this occasion and also some big cities around the world, even Budapest in Hungary had some blue and white lights on a sight to honor the anniversary of Finland.

There were speeches and some Finnish songs and also the national anthem performed and while we were waiting for the best part (fireworks), Krista told us a bit about the history of Finland and its position in foreign affairs.

I’ve also asked about the army duty, since in Hungary my dad still had to join, but it’s not obligatory any longer. I’ve learned that the boys have to join the army around the age of 18, but they can also postpone it in case of studies for example, and women can also join, but its not mandatory for them. Since Krista’s friend had personal experiences, he could share some details about his time in the army as a cook.

It was a really nice experience to take part in the celebration of the 100th birthday of Finland and learn something about the history as well. At the end we watched the amazing fireworks that were worth waiting for even though it was freezing cold outside.

Finnish traditions and holidays

This time Elisa and I drank some coffee, tea & chocolate cake and we talked about something that really interest me: Finnish traditions. First, I taught Elisa about some Dutch traditions and after that she told me about Finnish traditions. It’s funny that the traditions are so different but also a little bit the same.


The first Finnish tradition we talked about was Loppiainen or Epiphany. This takes place on the 6th of January. This is basically the day when they take their Christmas decorations away.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday takes place the Sunday before Easter. On this day kids dress up as witches and the pick out a tree branches. The kids decorate the tree branches with feathers. They will go from door to door to say a poem to wish the people good health. In exchange for saying that poem they will get some candy. This holiday kind of reminds me of the Dutch holiday Sint Maarten.


Vappu is on the 1st of May, but the celebration last for a week. This is a communistic celebration. In Tampere there is a market at central square. During this holiday there is also a lot of nonsense stuff like a lot of balloons and fart pillows. A lot of people will drink champagne and make their own sima. There is also a lot of food like Munkkis.

Last eve of April

On the last eve of April, a lot of young people will go out and drink all night. They always put a hat on the maid of Finland statue.


Juhannus is an ancient Finnish holiday. It always takes place on the Saturday between the 20th and 26th of June. The main festivals during this holiday take place on Thursdays. A lot of Finnish people will go to their cabins in the forest and celebrate it over there. In Tampere there is a festival called Underground Midsummer. There is always a bonfire and there are dances. For example, the midsummer dance. There is also a myth that if you put seven different flowers on your pillow, you will see your future husband in your dreams. This is something some of the younger girls do.

All Saints day

This day takes place on the 1st of November. A lot of people go to the cemetery this day to light a candle.

Independence Day – Suomi sata

Finnish Independence Day is on the 6th of December. This year it’s a really special year for Finland, because Finland exists 100 years this year. In 1917 was the independence of Finland from the Russian republic. Before being a part of Russia, Finland was a part of Sweden. During Independence Day there will be a reception where the president and famous people shake hands.


New Year’s Eve

On the 31th of December it’s New Year’s Eve in Finland. This means fireworks and getting drunk. Some people will melt a horseshoe and the shape will predict the next year.

It was really interesting to hear about the Finnish holidays and traditions. Like I said before, some of them I celebrate as well, but there are also a few holidays I have had never heard of before.





This is not a goodbye, it’s a see you later!

For our last meeting, we decided to go to the Gala for the 100th birthday of Finland. It took place in Tampere City hall, located at Keskustori. It was a big event with many people. We got some typical Finnish finger food and whine. I was so impressed by the beauty of the building I couldn’t stop watching it. There also was music and at some point we sang the Finnish national hymn.

No fun without some work, here our vocabulary that we noted:

  • Birthday- Cumpleaños- 生日 (shengri)-  Geburtstag
  • Cake- Tarta- 蛋糕 (dangao)- Kuchen
  • Wine- Vino- 葡萄酒 (putaojiu)- Wein
  • Reindeer- Reno- 驯鹿 (xunlu)- Rentiere
  • Farewell- Despedida- 告别 (gaobie)-  Abschied
  • Present- Regalo- 礼物 (liwu)- Geschenk
  • City hall – Ayuntamiento- 市政厅 (sizen ting)- Rathaus
  • Theater- Teatro- 剧院 (juyuan)- Theater
  • Banquet hall- Sala de banquetes- 宴会厅 (yanhui ting)- Festsaal
  • Independence – Independencia- 独立(duli)- Unabhängigkeit
  • Party – Fiesta- 派对 (paidui)- Feier
  • Elegant – Elegante- 再见(zaijian)- Elegant

At first, I was sceptical about this course, because I wasn’t sure about the learning outcome. But this course made me realize many different things, things that are even more important than education. I learned so much about different cultures. But not only that. The fact that after “only” ten meetings we really went form total strangers to good friends amazed me. We promised each other that this was not a goodbye, this is going to be a see you later and I am looking forward to our 11th meeting.
Anyway, until this day I wish you guys from the bottom of my heart the very best for your future!

What a derby! Tappara vs. Ässät!

This meeting was a great opportunity for the others to get to know a very special sport, but well know I Finnland. It was an Ice hockey game, but not only one it was a battle between two enemies, Ässät vs Tappara. Tappara is representing Tampere and the Team called Ässät is representing Pori, a city in the eat of Finnland. We were lucky that we got some cheap student cards for 11€. The game was pretty intense. After a solid 3:3, the game went into extra time, where Ässät made it to score at first and won the game.  Talking with my EOTO group they never saw an ice hockey game, that’s why I could explain them a bit about the rules. Ice hockey is, next to soccer, a very common sport in Germany.

We also learned some new words:

(ice)Hockey – Eishockey-  曲棍球 (qugunqiu) – Hockey (sobre hielo)
Hockey stick – Eishockeyschläger- 曲棍球棍 (qugunqiugun) – Palo de hockey/stick
Game – Spiel- 游戏 (youxi)- Juego/partido
Tricot – Tricot- 经编 (jing bian)- Camisola
Team – Mannschaft- 队伍 (duiwu)- Equipo
Referee – Schiedsrichter- 裁判 (caipan)- Árbitro
Ice-skates – Schlittschuhe- 溜冰 (liubing)- Patines de hielo
Goal – Tor- 入球 (ru qiu)-  Gol
To play – spielen- 玩 (wan)- Jugar
Whistle – Pfeife- 哨子 (shaozi)- Silbar
Cheerleader- Cheerleader- 啦啦队 (laladiu)- Animador

I for my part had a great day, while others maybe aren’t that much of a sports fan.
Anyway, I am looking for our next meeting, which is going to be our last meeting.


Pre Christmas Party at TAMKO!

Christmas is coming soon and what else could be more fun than a pre-Christmas party to into the right mood! So went at TAMKO and to our surprise, there were many other Each One Teach One groups. Of course, we started to talk about traditions like food and clothing at Christmas. We also talked to some local students from TAMK and they explained to us how important Christmas to Finnland is. We tried the well know Gingerbread and drank some glöggi.
The highlight of the evening was that we got to know other each one teach one groups and played cards with them. It was a very fun evening.

While having fun, we also tried to learn some new vocabularies:


  • Cookies – Kekse- 饼干 (binggan) – Galletas
  • Christmas – Weihnachten – 圣诞 (shengdan) – Navidades
  • Snow – Schnee- 雪 (xue) – Nieve
  • Santa claus – Weihnachtsmann- 圣诞老人 (shengdanlaoren) – Papá Noel
  • Lamb – Lamm – 羊肉 (yangrou) – Cordero
  • Present – Geschenk-礼物 (liwu) – Regalo
  • Song –Lied- 歌 (ge) – Canción

Our next meeting is going to be the Icehockey game Ässät vs. Tappara. I am really looking forward to it!



Bavaria night!

Because everybody liked our trip to “Oktoberfest Tampere version” so much, we decided to visit our next Bavarian trip – called the Bavaria night. The Event happened in a catering studio at TAMK.  What else to expect, we ordered some Bavarian food and beer for everybody. It was the perfect opportunity to really talk about our culture and traditions since last time at Oktoberfest it was very noisy and therefore not the best location to really teach people. While talking about traditions we got to know many similar things, but also some differences. I love the face people make when I tell them what Bavaria people do. Especially Loy was very amazed at our Culture, that’s why he promised me to visit me someday.
We had a great time together, but Tommy and I probably enjoyed it the most, since we really felt home.




Final meeting

For our last meeting we thought of a very special event, the independence-day reception, celebrating 100 years of Finish independence. It took place in the Tampere City Hall, located at Keskustori. There was a nice buffet set up with traditional Finish dishes such as Karelian Pie with egg-butter and some pastries with reindeer and mushrooms, cake and beverages. They have prepared some speeches, a theatre performance and music.

After enjoying the party, food and location, it was time to say goodbye. Ivan was leaving few days later already and it was our last meeting.

It was a nice group and a good experience. Our meetings were interesting and full with new things of other cultures.

We also discussed some final vocabulary:

English                    Spanish                         Chineese                          German

Birthday                  Cumpleaños                生日 (shengri)               Geburtstag

Cake                          Tarta                               蛋糕 (dangao)                Kuchen

Wine                          Vino                                 葡萄酒 (putaojiu)         Wein

Reindeer                  Reno                                驯鹿 (xunlu)                   Rentiere

Farewell                   Despedida                     告别 (gaobie)                Abschied

Present                     Regalo                             礼物 (liwu)                    Geschenk

City hall                    Ayuntamiento              市政厅 (sizen ting)     Rathaus

Theater                     Teatro                              剧院 (juyuan)                Theater

Banquet hall          Sala de banquetes     宴会厅 (yanhui ting)    Festsaal

Independence       Independencia            独立(duli)                         Unabhängigkeit

Party                          Fiesta                               派对 (paidui)                   Feier

Elegant                     Elegante                          再见(zaijian)                   Elegant