Eating Crēpes at “TOAS City Restaurant”!

Last Tuesday we met with my group was in the city centre at TOAS City, were Audrey and Camille live for their exchange period. This was my second time entering in the building, since I went there for the first time last winter for a pre-party with some fellow students.

The girls were a bit upset because the kitchen they have at TOAS is really basic and also they weren’t able to find some type of flour that they would have needed to do salty crepes, but still they decided to try with normal flour from the local shop. All my family speaks french and two of my sisters have been living for a little while in France, so crepes are maybe the most well known French-dessert for me, or at least the one I enjoy the most!

Audrey cooked for us some salty crepes, and we stuffed ’em with tomatoes, cheese, goat cheese, apple and honey. The honey and cheese combination is something really well known around Italy and France too, I guess, but still i never eat it inside a crepe!

For dessert, Camille cooked for the whole group some sweet crepes and some fillings like caramelised apples etc. We ate one of the most well know combination all around the world, Crepes & Nutella so still France & Italy, just to take the all Each one teach one project to another level.  A new combination that the girls served me was the crepes suzette which is a normal sweet crepe, filled just with sugar and lime juice; this was my first time trying it and even if it wasn’t bad at all and I always enjoy trying new types of good food, I think I will stick to the basic Nutella one.

We didn’t talk a lot about one of our languages in this meeting, that’s why we will do it next time at school, when we’ll talk about some other basics in Italian and maybe some grammar too.


Our second meeting was at O’connell’s Irish pub. Every thursday there is improv show at eight o’clock.  We decided to go and it was so much fun! Because of popularity of the show we went there earlier so we can get good seats. Usually we just talk about what ever comes to our minds so we have quite different words.

English      Finnish         Spanish

water   –  vesi      –    aqua

magician/wizard  – taikuri/velho – mago

cabbage casserole-  kaalilaatikko –

pidgeon/dove – pulu/kesykyyhky  – paloma

I’m a loser –  olen luuseri  – soy un perderor

Improvisation – improvisaatio/ improvisoida –    improvisación/improvisar

flight attendent – lentoemäntä – azafata

ATM – automaatti – cajero automático

menu  – ruokalista  – menú

list – lista  – lista

food ruoka comida

bathroom kylpyhuone baño

toilet – vessa  – barter/ wc

birthday –   syntymäpäivä –  cumpleaños

happy birthday –  hyvää syntymäpäivää –  feliz cumpleaños

Preparation of “crêpes” for the French meal 🇫🇷

We met for the first time in our building of Audrey and me, in Toas City (city center). We decided to cook french meal for Alessandro. Indeed, we already taste Italian meal and it was very interesting to discover the culture of the country through the food.

Then, with Audrey we decided to prepare “crêpes” for Alessandro. The crêpes, or pancakes in English, are a speciality from the west of France. We cooked salty crêpes and sweet crêpes for the dessert. We wanted to make “crêpes Sarazin” for the salty crêpes, which are famous crêpes from Bretagne in France but we didn’t find the flour of sarazin in the supermarket.

For the salty crêpes we have made two types:

  • ham and grated cheese
  • tomatoes, goat cheese, apple and honey

And for the sweet crêpes we have made some with Nutella, with sugar, with caramelized apple and some “crêpes suzette” wich are with sugar and lime.

This meal was very nice but cooking in our kitchen was not very comfortable because we don’t have enough ustensils to cook so it was a little bit complicate.

Next meet will be at TAMK. We will learn the basics of Italian over a cup of coffee from Tamko! ☕️

French meal 🇫🇷

Today, we met in my home to enjoy a French meal ! As we did the Italian Meal, Camille and I cooked one of the french speciality :  some “crèpes”, salted and sweet ! Actually, we would like to make some ” Galettes de sarrazin ” for the salted part, but we couldn’t find sarrazin flour in supermarket, so we decided to make salted crepes anyway !

First,  for the salted crepes, we propose differents foods to compose the crepe :
– Goat cheese
– Tomatoe 🍅
– Apple 🍏
– Cheese
– Ham

It was really difficult to cook at my home because we don’t have any materials, that’s why we had better to adapt and make the best of us!

For the sweet part,  we fill the crepes with  kind of ” compote” with apple 🍏 and sugar that we prepared, as well as Nutella. We also propose to make a “crèpe suzette” : made with sugar and lime 🍋, so delicious !

I really appreciate to cook french meal, and I really want to do it again, to make him discover “French gastronomy”. I hope he enjoys this meal, and has a good first impress of French meal 🙂

Let’s meet next time for learning more about Italian language ! 🇮🇹

¿Cómo voy allí? – Directions in Spanish

The second lesson we held was again in Helsinki on the 8th of October at Café Kaarna in the Forum shopping centre. It had a very relaxed atmosphere with living room-like furniture. The weather was not so good so we just stayed indoors and in one place.

This time we discussed how to find ones way around in Spanish and travel phrases and vocabulary in general. Not exactly a timely topic for me as there are no trips planned to a Spanish speaking country but a common topic to expand ones conversational foundations in any language.

Some example phrases learned:
Perdón, ¿sabes dónde está…?                             Excuse me, do you know where is…?
¿Cómo voy al aeropuerto?                                     How do I get to the airport?
Tienes que ir en taxi/metro.                                  You have to take a taxi/metro.
A esta dirección por favor.                                      To this address please.
Teneís que ir todo recto y luego derecha.        You have to go straight forward and then right.

Barca                                                        Boat/ferry

Barco                                                        Ship/Liner

El crucero                                                Cruiser

El avion                                                     Airplane

La calle                                                     street

El centro                                                   City center

dónde                                                        where

adónde                                                     to where

la parada de autobus/taxi              bus/taxistop

izquierda                                                  left


We sat at the café for couple of hours with my girlfriend quizzing me with the vocabulary and asking some practical example phrases like ¿Como vas a Tampere? – How do you go to tampere? to which I answered Por la mañana en tren – Tomorrow morning by train. In general I’ve been trying to practise my conversational Spanish by speaking phrases in half spanish half english since I realised in how many situations I could say something in Spanish but didn’t know the rest of the sentence. With this technique I found it easier to accustom my spoken Spanish early on because otherwise I would probably just end up putting it off until later forever.

¡Hasta luego!

Last week meeting at the… Boutique!

On the last weekend I met again with my EOTO group; this time we met in front of H&M in the city centre mainly because we were planning to learn some clothing vocabulary. We thought that H&M could have be the best option since they have almost every kind of clothes and so it was.

Here are some example of what we learned last Saturday, this time i decided to list just some of the words that are almost the same in our languages…

English Italian French
Tie Cravatta Cravatte
Gloves Guanti Gants
Shirt Camicia Chemise
Pants Pantaloni Pantalon
Belt Cintura Ceinture
Bow tie Papillon Nœud papillon

Again we all found out that the similarities between our languages are quite a lot, in fact some words are almost the same in both languages, also we planned the next meeting, which is actually this evening, where we will eat together, again, but this time something french

Evening at the Plevna

For our 5th meeting we decided to check out the Tampere Oktoberfest. It took place in the Plevna in the old Finlayson factory building.

Oktoberfest is a very typical event celebrated in Germany, especially Bavaria and is famous all over the world. Oktoberfest is known for the beer in the big mug (1L, oan Moass) and also for its very delicious and traditional foods such as white sausage (Waisswuascht), pretzel (Breezn), knuckles (Hoaxn) and a lot more.

The Plevna was nicely decorated in Bavarian colors according to the Oktoberfest theme. They also had a band playing all the German songs. And the choice of self-made beers was impressive.

So we were there, enjoying beers, foods, music and the atmosphere and I almost felt like back at home. I think you cannot get a more intense impression of the German culture in such a short time.




Oktoberfest @ Plevna

In many countries it is celebrated, eaten and drunk according to Bavarian traditions. Like in the Plevna Restaurant in Tampere, where our fifth “Each one teach one” meeting took place. Maria and I wanted to show Nedas and Diego the Bavarian tradition. Even if it was not like the real Oktoberfest, which actually takes part in a tent with ale-benches on which everybody is dancing. But we still could give them some insights into this tradition.  

A brass band played Estonian folk music. They used to play German folk music on the Oktoberfest but also Schlager music. It was funny when they played a German Christmas song called “O Tannenbaum”, which means “O Christmas tree”. The band played the important “Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit” (“cosiness Cheers”) song always after a few songs, how it should be. 

The waitresses and the band members were all dressed up in garb, the traditional clothes. The men are wearing “Lederhosen” and the women “Dirndl”. Therefore, we explained Diego and Nedas how they can recognize if a woman is single or not. The women are binding their apron differently. If a woman wears the ribbon on the left, it means she is single. The ribbon on the right side means the woman is taken. If she wears the ribbon in the middle she is a virgin and if she wears the ribbon on the back it means she is a widow or a waitress. 

Even if the 1 L pitcher beer was quite expensive and the music weird for people, who are not used to it, I hope that my “Each one teach one” partners still enjoyed it. And maybe, they going to visit the real Oktoberfest ones.  

Prost! Meeting at OKTOBERFEST!

Jacqueline, Maria, Nedas and I discussed the possibility of preparing german food for one of our upcoming meetings, but before that a really important festival in Germany was coming to Tampere, OKTOBER FEST, and we just couldn’t miss it. We decided that our 5th meeting would take place at Pleuvna, the bar that organized this event.

We met at around 7 pm at  Plevna.  When I arrived I noticed that the place was packed. I made my way to our table where I got to speak and drink with people from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As for our group, we all drank a jar of beer, I order a traditional German Pretzel and Maria and Jacky order some traditional german dishes (which were not exactly accurate according to Maria),  and we spend the rest of the evening chatting and having fun!

During our meeting we could hear some traditional Folk music played by a live band, I could see that this music brought everyone together, since every single person from a german speaking country was singing along to the lyrics of some of the tunes.

Jacqueline also gave me some insight into the garments that are used by women during Oktoberfest:

This dresses are called dirndl, the marital status of the women wearing it is indicated by the position of the ribbon.

On the right side it means that the woman is taken, on the left side it means single, in the middle it shows she’s a virgin, and on the back it means she is a widow.

Over all it was a fun evening. Now I can cross “Drinking beer with germans” from my bucket list.

Meeting in a clothing store

During our third meeting, we decided to go to a clothing store, to learn the vocabulary of clothes. The “Negozio” (clothing store in Italian) was H&M in the city center.









Jogging / Sweet












Lunettes de soleil

Nœud papillon


Sac/sac à main/sac à dos






Sporty hoodie












Sun glasses

Bow tie



Scale mobili

















Occhiali da sole




We noticed that a lot of clothes has almost the same name in our two languages like the bow tie, the tie, the pant… it’s very funny.

We will meet next week at our building of Audrey and me to eat a French meal. We don’t know yet what we will cook but we are sure that Alessandro will love French food!

I look forward to our next meeting 🍴🇫🇷