In our small German – Russian group has done the sixth meeting. The times fly so fast. My report considers information about two meetings because we’ve spent not so much time for this. It’s better to spend not so much time but often. We always keep in our mind the interesting things about each other.

In our fifth meeting, we can try to cook Russian breakfast but it was not so special because it was pancakes known for everyone. It was Sunday and we’ve met in Lapinkaari kitchen. During our breakfast, we told about news, common things and so on.

Похожее изображение

Yesterday was the fifth meeting at TAMK canteen. Our meeting was not so common and we had a special lunch for that (Vegetable burgers). And the topics for speaking were German recipes from Nessi. She has passion about cooking and always have amazing recipes for every case 😀

For example, you can try to cook these bakery products:


Enjoy 🙂

The Moomin Museum

I and Ranja have done our fifth meeting. There was in Moomin Museum and I found book about story of Moomins and can know more information about it. So Ranja have took her children. It added a lot of fun because it’s so cool see how children and adult smile together for simple things. That was so amazing before I didn’t know much stories. I was noticing that the Museum very modern there is a lot of hand made by Tove Jansson. Also we’ve listened Moomi stories twice – first Finnish and after that Russian. Unfortunately in the Museum illegal take photos but I saved my tickets from there. It was so good meeting. 

Chinese-Finnish first meeting at Library

We met for the first time at TAMK´s library on 12th of March.  We discussed a little about their knowledge towards finnish language and culture, since they have stayed in Finland since last fall. Chinese students wished to rehearsh some of already learned words, but were also eager to learn new useful phrases and words. We started with different foods and I had fun teaching them to pronounce the finnish words. They invited me to a dinner event the next sunday which I attended to.

For me it is easy to identify with difficulty studing finnish language, since I went trough the same journey 10 years ago when I moved to Finland from Estonia. I think I speak quite fluent finnish, and also know necessary phrases and words for beginners.

I tried to study some chinese aswell, I had fun time pronouncing the numbers. Also I learned how to introduce myself. I think it amazing that some “symbols” are orginating from illustration from different pictures as shown on picture below.

Exploring Tampere from unusual side or Vintage is always in fashion

It was 7/03, winter is still here but show is slowly melting into rain, that’s why my teacher Selina invited me to explore Vintage clothing shops.  I’m really in small, cosy, rich for historical moments things and the idea of “doing Vintage shops hooping” was really for me.

We visited 4 different shops, enjoyed talking with sellers, tryied some clothers and.. what else do girls need?) After we decided to go a cute “Kaffila” for driking a hot coffee with traditional laskiaispulla and learn Russian and Finnish.

Speaking about Russian: we started with an alphabet and pronunciation of difficult sounds.

Speaking about Finnish: Selina told me about the difference between speaking and literary Finnish, for ex. in real life it’s better to say “mä on Sasha” instead “mina olen Sasha”, that’s why now I knew more useful for real life phrases  =)



Third meeting


So, today we had our third meeting. We met at railway station and then we went to cafe. I am not afraid so much like at beginning to speak English. I know that my English not good, but I try to speak and understand. I am so happy that now I understand much better. I practice my English in daily life. But our topic is so different.

We speak about our hobbies, weather in Belgium, Finland and Ukraine. One thing was same, we both like to travel, and we talked about it.

Benjamin said that he have experience in earthquake. When he was in America it happened. It was interesting to listen his impressions about this.

I am so glad that now I have possibility to practice my English in real life.

I hope we will see next week.

Nice Burgers at the Cafeteria in Tamk

Today we ate lunch together. When I lost Iuliia, instead of her I found in the separate eating place the veggie burgers. After that I found Iuliia as well of course. At that time, we were hungry and stared loading our plates with food. It looked good. Margo joined us at that time, but she wasn´t that hungry, and took non.

When Margo saw that we liked the burgers, she took one as well.

We talked about our plants for the next weeks. And explored some new dishes as well as cooking recipe. Like fried camembert with a special jam.

small Brunch

This time Margo choose to prepare a Bruch for us on Sunday. Margo served us some self-made wraps with the filling of marmalade, chopped apples with cinnamon and a banana. The apple combination was quite new for me. We talked about our week and I got some question about some German grammar.

All in all, it was a peaceful Sunday morning.

It should supposed to look like this… Our pancakes turned out darker then this picture.

Second meeting

Hi, everybody!

We had a second meeting 16.3 in Skype.  We had planed second meeting another time, but I have mixed place and we were in different places. I hope my friend has not resented to me. So, we have switched to 16.3.

I was in Kouvola and Benjamin in Tampere. It was a little difficult to speak in Skype, because wi-fi did not work very good. But I understand almost everything and I hope he too.

At first I have planed our conversition but live situation was not so tight and Benjamin asked me different question and it was more comfortable as I imagined.

I tell about my week and my schedule. He wondered that I travel to Tampere two or three time in week and my one way trip is like 3 or 4 hours. It would be two and forty but in winter there are so many delays. I usually stay in Tikkurila like one hour. I need to change the train there.

He spoke about his trip to Lapland. I asked different question because I didn’t come in Lapland and it was interesting to know something about this one. We talked about different culture in Finland, Belgia and Ukraine. For exemple sauna. There is  dodn’t use sauna in Ukraine and Belgium like in Finland.

I asked about Benjamin’s English, how he improve his English skills, why he moved in America for one year and what was more difficult for him.

He met my little two years old daughter and we thought about next meeting, where and when. I hope that it would be today, and no-one disturb us)

I will tell you late how it was)

I wish you have a good day and warm spring!

First Meeting (TAMK Library)

On Monday the 18th of March, we had our first meeting. The meeting started at 14:30 and lasted for almost three hours. We covered different topics at the meeting. We went through each other's goals and expectations toward learning the language. First, we planned our 10 future meetings and then we discussed the differences in both cultures. We set a goal to make all the meetings by the end of next month because Linnea is leaving for an internship to Mikeli and she has to be there by the first week of May.

We tried to have most of the talking in English in order to understand better and remember everything we planned. We also tried to talk in Persian and Finnish. We had a long conversation in Finnish. Linnea started asking me questions in Finnish to get an idea of how is my skills. Starting from simple questions we were able to talk about for a while in Finnish. We agreed that whenever I make any mistake, she will point it out, correct it and ask me to repeat it again. I learned a new word 'kerinneet' which I have never heard before. I also tried to tell her about my language and at least I told her three words in Persian.

Book - Ketab

Pen - Qalam

Notebook - Ketabcha

So, in the coming sessions, I will teach her how to pronounce the Persian alphabet and also numbers, name of things, fruits, animals, daily greetings, and the name of Persian foods. The meeting was interesting and we were excited to learn more in the coming sessions.

My first touch to French

On Friday 8th March we had our first E1T1 session with Tiphaine at her place. It was refreshing to spend a Friday night with some laid back studies instead of going out. No regrets, the session was a lot of fun!

I was excited to get my first experience with the language that’s known for its difficulty and reputation as the ”language of love”. Since I have not studied French before, we started my studies from the very basics, where as I taught her more advanced stuff.

I started my journey with the alphabet, numbers and pronunciations. Tiphaine got to study the past tense and some new vocabulary about mundane life. We also traded videos: She got to watch a stand up about the Finnish language and I had the pleasure to enjoy the French alphabet song. If there was something that really stood out me about French, it was the pronouncing. It’s really hard.