more scary grammar

Yesterday Emilia and I met the fourth time. Again, we were at cafeteria, because there were no tables with cute armchairs at that moment in Y-campus.
So the lesson was dedicated to Russian language . We plunge into russian grammar.

13270495696876 Sounds scary? Are you afraid? You underestimate the power of Russian grammar.

What I am about? The topic was endings of adjectives. There are 3 genders and the dependent word (in our case adjective) is directly influenced by the main noun. For example, clever can be written like умный, умная, умное. All three options re correct. The difference of endings just show the gender of the noun the relate to. Of course, simultaneously we study some vocabulary.
Moreover, we started studying cases. In Russian we have 6 cases. They correspond with nouns and point out the question to this word. Really complicated. At least, it was an introduction and on following lessons it will become clearer. At least, I hope so! And hope, that Emilia understands this topic. Not sure I am a good teacher. But Emilia has a real progress. Comparing to the previous meeting, her pronunciation became better and sounds more Russian!
Anyway, it was an extremely funny lessons. A great end of the hard work week.

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