Learning German

I’m learning German in a group of four people. Our teacher is Michel, a native German speaker so will help us to bring our language skills to a practical use.

The first meeting I participated was held in Tamko office where we had coffee and discussed our personal levels. I soon realized that Dominique and Petr understand German much better than I do but that’s okay, I like a challenge 😉

We talked about German holidays, casual habits and how different the youngster cultures are. We compared these factors and discussed on how we spent Christmas and how are the school holidays divided in each country. Then we talk about sightseeing in Berlin and places that we should visit there. Michel provided us with interesting facts and told us about the history and how it’s affecting the educational system in Germany nowadays.



After Solu we had lunch together and Michel taught me some business culture issues that I was interested in. My vocabulary is quite poor but I learnt a lot of new words even though Michel had to use some English every now and then.

Das ist alles.


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