Ice hockey


We decided to go to watch an ice hockey match Tappara-Blues. Ice hockey is a part of the Finnish culture and the World Championships held every year brings all the Finns together. Here’s some ice hockey related vocabulary I learned:

Ice hockey = das Eishockey
Goal = das Tor
Player = der Spieler
Puck = der Puck
Skates = Schlittschuhe

After the game we went to my place and watched a German film Keinohrhasen. The subtitles were in English so it was a perfect way for me to listen to some German and pick up familiar words. We also went through the words we had learned last time to see if we could remember them.

Did you know there is a Finnish comedy show where they speak German? It’s called die Kühe, there is a link below if you want to check it out!

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