We met at the Stockmann because it was a day, when you can see many finnish people in the same time and the same place even it is terrible weather and the summer is cold. We went to the Stockmann’s crazy days. It was really hard to navigate to anywhere. We checked books, buyed razors wondered about the band, which played in shoppincenter and consisted of really old people and then we had to go somewhere place, where would be more quitet. At the Weyne’s coffee Tiarnan falled in love to chialatte, which was really really big, because in Finland we don’t drink little coffees… It turned up that we both had been in scout and that was funny. Look like that in both, Finland and Ireland, is common that almoust everybody had been scout at times. Nice! Then it was time to enjoy our autumnholyday.


We just trying to know each other and to me it’s sometimes hard to understand different accent. I hope that I will get used to it. But it was nice to noticed sometimes that I actually catched anotherone, what was he saying.

– Emilia and Tiarnan

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