More verbs…

More coffee for more verbs? It seems like the only way to study grammar for me… This time, Pauline revised the irregular French verbs with me and I was glad to see that what had been drummed into me in school hasn’t left my head! It was a quick revision session before we moved onto our main theme, which this week was tourism and holidays. A massive list of vocab started us off and we talked mainly about what the words meant, how to use them and in what situation to use them. A few exercises followed which dealt with using the verbs and the vocab together and inventing my own sentences.

Last but not least, we did some role play! One of us being a potential customer calling a hotel and the other a receptionist ready to answer any questions this customer may have. Naturally, my French faltered a bit at this point and having to think and use a lot of the vocabulary I’d just learned was quite difficult. But I think I did okay!


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