Learning German, Day 4 :)


So, there was a bit of a mix up where we was to meet but eventually after finding Tom we went to a little cafe called New York (?) it’s across from Stockmann- you should really check it out.

NYCHotChoc Tee

Anyways! Before meeting up I printed out some basic German phrases for me and Tom to go over. (Sorry for the rubbish photos!)

 German1 German2


We discussed how to pronounce them and the fact that other than Wo (Where), Wie (How) and Was (What’s) there’s not many question related words in German.

Also to make a sentence negative (For example: I don’t have a phone) in German they put the negative at the end. So it could be the same sentence up until near the end which is a lot different from the English language.

For example : Ich Spreche (kein)… – I (don’t) speak…


We also discussed that there is many different meanings for statements which depends on if it is a question or not.

For Example: Nicht wahr? – Isn’t it? (It’s a nice day, isn’t it?)

Nicht wahr. – That’s not true (as a statement )

Also a difference in the German language is the use of capitals for some words. For example Sie (you) without a capital means they or an object and not “You”.


So after going over these pages and discussing the difference and similarities in both languages we realised it was incredibly hard to explain concepts we know about our own languages. I really never thought it’d be so hard to explain how to structure an English sentence…


Afterwards we went to the Town Hall as there was going to be a fireworks display to celebrate the Light Weeks (?) and the Christmas lights was turned on in the town centre. Was really fun!


For next time Tom has given me a website to look at and We’ll probably go over concepts I’m struggling with. Really enjoying this opportunity to learn German though! It’s always great fun!

Website : http://ielanguages.com/German.html

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