lets get it started…our first meeting in Cafe Europa

hhhspanish vs. german XD
After we had lunch at TAMK I (Philipp), Christopher and Jocelyn went for a little walk to the city centre. It was perfect weather for that and so we started straight away to teach each other some german and spanish phrases and words on the way. Mainly we spoke about thinks we could see around us and phrases we already have knew before. It did not take long until we feltfamilier”. So it was easy for use to speak openly about various topics very quickly, for example cultural differences and similarities. As we stoped in Cafe Europa every one was happy to get a cup of coffee und could sit down in a nice ambience. It was the right time to discuss some basic language skills and write them down. Only briefly later all of  of us had a full sheet of new words and grammatical basics (alphabet, numbers, introduceing phrases…), which turned out as our new homeworks untill our next meeting because it was already very late🙂



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