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Hey everyone,

You missed me? It’s been a looong time ago that I wrote my first post on this blog and I thought it was time for some new posts since we had some really fun meetings with the group!

The second meeting of the group was, unfortunately, again in TAMK. However, the meeting turned out to be very interesting and educative. Michel decided from now on to talk in German every meeting in order for the ‘students’ to get more familiar with the German pronunciation.

Different countries can not only be defined by language, culture also plays a really important role in defining a country. That’s why we decided to focus on cultural differences between our countries for this meeting.
Cultural aspects we talked about are:

– Christmas habits (food, presents)
– National holidays
– Eastern
– New Year’s Eve

It was really interesting to see that, although some of our countries are quite far apart of each other, the overall habits for these holidays are similar. One funny difference is that Finnish people, of course, are getting drunk at Christmas, which is not necessarily the goal of German, Dutch or Czech people =)

After talking about culture we had a nice lunch at TAMK together and talked more about German etiquette for eating, business etiquette and different types of food that are popular in German, such as bradwurst and German beers.

Our next meeting will be in Cafe Oma @ Tuomiokirkonkatu.

Auf Wiedersehen!


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