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City Sightseeing

We visit Pyynikki Observation Tower on 15th October. The weather was cold and cloudy. We managed to reach there despite of  the cold weather. We decided to have a rest from studies and visit there. We were walking together and chatting about the day, music and culture on our way to Pyynikki Observaton Tower.  Looking from the top of the tower the view was amazing. You can almost see the whole Tampere city from the top of that.







We talked about grammer rules and its difficulties. In Finnish language we have a lot of  rank terminals ” sijapääte”. The  rank terminals are very hard for foreigner student who want to study it. I think we should borrow  some teaching materials from a library. The materials would  help to clarify the rank terminals better.

Chatting in Café Oma

Guten Tag Leute,

Unserem nächsten Treffen war im Café Oma @ Tuomiokirkonkatu… But let’s continue in English!

So… our next meeting was at Café Oma in the city centre of Tampere. It was a really cold and windy day, a perfect time to sit inside, drink a hot chocolate and enjoy the famous Finnish Munki =) Check below for an impression of our meeting…

Cafe Oma

Although Café Oma looks a bit posh, it is a very cosy place, perfect for a chat with your friends! While enjoying our drinks we told each other what we did during the last week (in German of course). Also, Michel asked us to describe anything you could see in the café in German, such as different sweets, interior, drinks etc. This was really helpful because we got to deal with really handy words to use in everyday life.

During this meeting I noticed that is already getting easier for me to speak German, especially when I hear Michel talk German during the whole meeting. It really helps!

Also, I just heard that I will do my internship from January – June in Stuttgart, Germany. This gives me even more reasons to improve my German!

Bis zum nächsten Mal =)

Waffles, munkki and the past tense

My third meeting with our group took place in a Waffle Cafe at 22nd of October.

We ate some delicious waffles and discussed some random things , for example about the German Carneval time and what special pastries they eat during that time. I also learned that a Berliner, which is easily mixed with the Finnish berliininmunkki, is actually just like the normal Finnish munkki.  I don’t know where the Finnish berliininmunkki, which always has that pink topping, actually get’s it’s name.


I had some of my papers with me from my German class. We have not yet moved into the past tense in my studies, but it is something I really wanted to learn, so Sebastian helped me with the papers and taught me how to use verbs in a past tense in German. Since a lot of conversations you carry out during the day are in past tense, I found this meeting very useful.

After that I taught Jaimile and Sebastian how to form numbers past the number 10 in Finnish, and also some basic sentenses like for example how to order coffee, tea or beer (the most important one) 😀

Get you Up-to-Date

Hey everyone,

You missed me? It’s been a looong time ago that I wrote my first post on this blog and I thought it was time for some new posts since we had some really fun meetings with the group!

The second meeting of the group was, unfortunately, again in TAMK. However, the meeting turned out to be very interesting and educative. Michel decided from now on to talk in German every meeting in order for the ‘students’ to get more familiar with the German pronunciation.

Different countries can not only be defined by language, culture also plays a really important role in defining a country. That’s why we decided to focus on cultural differences between our countries for this meeting.
Cultural aspects we talked about are:

– Christmas habits (food, presents)
– National holidays
– Eastern
– New Year’s Eve

It was really interesting to see that, although some of our countries are quite far apart of each other, the overall habits for these holidays are similar. One funny difference is that Finnish people, of course, are getting drunk at Christmas, which is not necessarily the goal of German, Dutch or Czech people =)

After talking about culture we had a nice lunch at TAMK together and talked more about German etiquette for eating, business etiquette and different types of food that are popular in German, such as bradwurst and German beers.

Our next meeting will be in Cafe Oma @ Tuomiokirkonkatu.

Auf Wiedersehen!


CAMPUS ravita

Our third meeting took place on Friday previous week in the main campus. Me and Ethan took a lunch together and besides we had agreed to have E1T1 lesson even thought Ethan hadn´t had prepared so much because of being sick beforehand. But actually I did not mind so much, because after all, we spent nice time even without it.
We started with little chat about our holiday experiences- both of us spent almost the same period of time in Norway, but separately though. Ethan travelled to Oslo while I was visiting my old friends near Trondheim when I had such a nice time again after year.
Step by step we enter conversation related to this course. Ethan was ready to tell me more about main tourist attraction in China. As I was told it is Forbidden city situated in the capital Beijing. Ethan told me about it everything I guess :D, its history as a royal place, home of emperors.. how large is it, why is it called like that etc. In history emperor didn´t have only one wife but more “concubines” because of better chance to get a descendant. But there were also superior- inferior relations among them and it is just complicated. I find it very sick and terrible. I was besides also curios about Mao´c´ Tung- hero or bad guy.. well it is on every one´s own mind.. he did good things but sure had some flaws too.
After this I totally escaped this topic by asking Ethan about pollution troubles in China- especially huge cities.. For me it is really terrible to hear such things like no visible sun or blue clear sky during a day, wearing handkerchiefs, when I live so far away from there. It is totally big environmental issue and something must be done while it is not late! not only with China..worldwide!
At the end Ethan was translating me things I had on a plate into chinese…It was nice to learn that chinese doesn´t have plural form, so words doesn´t change, no matter if it is one piece or 29 pieces :).

Potatoes: Tu Dou /// 土豆
Carrots: Hu Luo Bo ///胡萝卜
Beans: Dou ///豆
Fish: Yu ///鱼
Water: Shui ///水
Juice: Guo Zhi ///果汁

Looking forward to next session 😉
PS. Next time we definitely need some photos!

Movie Night!*


That was a nice meeting. We decided to watch a Finnish Movie together. So first, we went to Makuuni and rent the movie called Elokuu, in Chinese it’s 八月=Bā yuè, meaning of August. But before get to Julia house we also bought some Candiess!! Honestly, before came to Finland I am not really a “Candy person”, but after I came here, I will say I definitely change and become a super “Candy person”! The candies is just super here! (also Chips hehe). Oh ya we also bought some glögi and chips in Sokos (I am also glögi super fans!) (Well I will say I like most of the Finnish food x) ).


So, back to the movie, it was nice, even the ending is a bit sudden and weird. I enjoy the time spends with les girls. During enjoying the movie we also talked something about our different culture things. I was quite surprise when heard Julia and Paapi said they think Chinese peoples’ life are more relax than European people, for me, that’s totally opposite! I will say for most of the Asian people, we will think that people live in European countries are more relax and enjoying life, at least that’s what I and my family think. The girls also said during their exchange in Beijing, China, they always saw people wearing pajamas in the shopping complex, that’s really a little bit weird! But the local people there think that’s totally normal! Well I saw some in Malaysia but only the kids, not the adults.

There are all new for me and it’s good to learn something new from them! Hope to see the girls very soon in the next meeting! 😉


Muumin, die Maus and Professor Balthazar – what an experience!

This time we had a nice come together with all 3 participants again. Matija suggested a meeting at the Demola area in Finlayson. What a great idea, I really love this unique area, I like this style of industrial architecture!


First we did some reflection about our previous meetings and we were talking about how interesting it is to get those cultural information from the first hand, not mentioned in a book or a travel-guide. We were talking about the Moomin family. Matija never heard before about this cartoon before he has arrived at Finland. I knew this cartoon from my childhood, but I didn´t it like that much, I always where scared about the stories and about little myy, who is always angry! 😀


I had to lough when I read the german name of Niiskuneiti: Snorkfräulein – it´s sooo german!


So we decided to do a cultural meeting today and make a step deep into finnish culture, watching an episode of Muumin in muumin-valley. And for sure the topic of this episode was the deep finnish winter! J It really was interesting to watch the stoical muuminpapa, caring muuminmama, the always angry and adventurous pikku myy and moomintroll after all these years! And I´m glad I don´t have to scare anymore of these stories. I will try to get a book when I´m back in Austria.


After this poetic story about the moomin we came to a german childhood legend, “Die Sendung mit der Maus” (TV-Show with the mouse). This show takes about 35 minutes and it´s broadcastet since 1971 in Germany and in Austria and still every Sunday morning there is a new show. Short stories with the mouse and her friend the blue elephant surrounds one time a cartoon and the next time a “How is it done?”-story about different things, e.g. how to do gummy-bears, how to do the coloured stripes at the toothpaste, and so on. We were watching an episode about the gummy-bears.


Janika mentioned, this show is really typical german, children watching engineering stuff in Germany while finnish children have to be scared about pikku myy. J I never saw it from this side, but yes, she was so right, “Die Sendung mit der Maus” is really typical deutsch. 😀

After getting an impression how to do gummy bears, Matija showed us a croation cartoon about “Professor Balthazar”. And it´s really the completely opposite of both cartoons we saw till then. These bright, hypnotizing colours where so different to everything we saw before! But I also liked it, the Professor invents secret fluids which helps him creating solutions for all the different problems.

At the end I can say, I really enjoyed our meeting this day, it brought a lot of new sights and new experiences!

Kauppahalli – my love

Our first meeting beside the very first „come-together“ we arranged at lovely and comfy “Café Europa”. The meeting was only arranged between Janika and me, Matija was too busy with Demola and a lot of other stuff. For the reason Matija knows me already a bit, we decided to do a finnish-austrian meeting at first. I felt immediately like in an Austrian café! 😀 Cookies and coffee, little light, comfortable couches and talking about god and the world. God and the world were in this case reduced to Finland and Austria. Janika explained some finnish words to me, for improving my understanding how finnish language works and how it feels to speak it in a proper way and in the right accentuation. Tammerkoski, Keskustori, Kauppahalli, Kirppustori, Koskipuisto, Koskikeskus, all these words are looking for not finnish-eyes simply tongue-breaking. And it helps a lot to identify the words which are connected to these long words, it helps in identify new words and it helps to do the right accentuation.   Austrian habits and rites were our topics for a time, because at this weekend the Oktoberfest reached its peak here in Tampere. Whatfeels really strange. 😀

Talking about Austrian habits and rites leads more or less at any time to food and drinks. And I read about an old hall in Tampere, where you can buy vegetables, 20141001_164348meat and fruits at a market. Until this day I didn´t find or recognize the Kauppahalli near Keskustori. So I asked Janika to show me this place in Tampere. After finishing our coffee and cookies we went to Kauppahalli, which isn´t that far away from Cafe Europa. And I really was founded of all these bread and meat and mushrooms and fruits and vegetables! I bought some jam, meat and bread, also some traditional sweets and cheese. At home again for sure I tried all this delicious things and I decided to do a small vocabulary list for some of these goods we saw at the market. I really enjoyed this meeting greatly!


A pleasant lunch at TAMK

On the 24th of Oct, Friday, Erik and I had our 3rd Chinese lesson meeting.
Unfortunately I’ve been sick for the previous a few days, so I didn’t do much preparation work for our up-coming meeting, however I didn’t wish to postpone our agenda as I know the more close we keep ourselves up to the schedule, the safer we could be in Dec.

This meeting was quite a casual setting, but nevertheless I believe both of us have gained a great deal of things from each other. We had lunch together in TAMK straight after Erik’s morning Finnish lesson as usual at 11 am. We took our lunch together and started with some “small talks” about each individual’s life. I always appreciated this point about this course. Erik and I are more like friends than the relationship btw a teacher & students. We talked about our respective trips to Norway for the autumn break. Erik had an amazing time in Northern Norway, in a farm where he has worked before and it was a wonderful reunion among him and his acquaintances. I shared with him about my 4 days experience in the capital city of Norway, Oslo also. It’s funny to think that both of us went to Norway in the same period of time, but both us didn’t see each other. one in the north and one in the south. We always enjoyed hearing stories from each other. To be frank, this is so much more interesting than teaching him Chinese traditions/customs or vocabularies.

Nonetheless, this course would have been a useless one if all we do each time is to “blah blah blah” about each other’s life events. along with the joy of chit-chatting, we have to talk about something less enjoyable, which this time, of course, turned out to be Chinese tourism attractions.

I introduced him the major tourism attractions in China, “THE FORBIDDEN CITY” where it is located, why is it called the forbidden city, how big is the forbidden city, the layout of the forbidden city and also even the inhabitants and life-style in this great ‘city’. The forbidden city usually takes a man one full day to visit, for it is absolutely a master piece of work, it is so big that it has 999 individual buildings and 9999 rooms inside. The forbidden city is called ‘FORBIDDEN’ not because it is ‘haunted’ (well of course, there are rumors saying that it is indeed a haunted place, for it is so old and so many innocent lives have been killed within it’s premises) but because it was the Royal palace, ordinary folks were forbidden to touch the gate, or even get too close to the foyer. I also introduced him with the idea of how an emperor used to have so many concubines in the past and how those concubines were living under the same roof with a smile each day but in fact, each day with a new thought or method of getting rid of the others.

Erik was quite shocked, but moreover I saw that sort of “unbelievable” expression from his face. We further continued on this subject as why an emperor had to have so many ‘wives’ and of course this needs more in-depth illustration which I couldn’t possibly make it in light here. Lastly I would like to attach a map of the ‘FORBIDDEN CITY’ in Pekin so that you guys could also have an idea of the way how it lays out.


We also talked about the pollution problems in China which Erik showed special interests in. Shortly after this we talked about the names of the food items in his plate. there were:

Nouns: (note that in Chinese, we do not have a plural form for nouns, the noun remains it’s original form even if it’s in plural)

Potatos:  Tu Dou /// 土豆

Carrots: Hu Luo Bo ///胡萝卜

Beans: Dou ///豆

Fish: Yu ///鱼

Water: Shui ///水

Juice: Guo Zhi ///果汁

Verbs:(note that in Chinese, verbs also do not have tenses, every verb remains the form of simple present which is the only form, even if you are describing something happened in the past )

To eat: Chi /// 吃

To drink: He ///喝

It was very nice to see you again after a long while, and I am looking forward for our badminton day : ) see you soon buddy !



Learning German, Day 4 :)


So, there was a bit of a mix up where we was to meet but eventually after finding Tom we went to a little cafe called New York (?) it’s across from Stockmann- you should really check it out.

NYCHotChoc Tee

Anyways! Before meeting up I printed out some basic German phrases for me and Tom to go over. (Sorry for the rubbish photos!)

 German1 German2


We discussed how to pronounce them and the fact that other than Wo (Where), Wie (How) and Was (What’s) there’s not many question related words in German.

Also to make a sentence negative (For example: I don’t have a phone) in German they put the negative at the end. So it could be the same sentence up until near the end which is a lot different from the English language.

For example : Ich Spreche (kein)… – I (don’t) speak…


We also discussed that there is many different meanings for statements which depends on if it is a question or not.

For Example: Nicht wahr? – Isn’t it? (It’s a nice day, isn’t it?)

Nicht wahr. – That’s not true (as a statement )

Also a difference in the German language is the use of capitals for some words. For example Sie (you) without a capital means they or an object and not “You”.


So after going over these pages and discussing the difference and similarities in both languages we realised it was incredibly hard to explain concepts we know about our own languages. I really never thought it’d be so hard to explain how to structure an English sentence…


Afterwards we went to the Town Hall as there was going to be a fireworks display to celebrate the Light Weeks (?) and the Christmas lights was turned on in the town centre. Was really fun!


For next time Tom has given me a website to look at and We’ll probably go over concepts I’m struggling with. Really enjoying this opportunity to learn German though! It’s always great fun!

Website :