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second meeting: Pyynikki – Tallipiha – shopping centre – sausage kiosk

Second meeting with of our EOTO group started at Pyynikki´s Tower.
Pyynikki observation tower

When I arrived, Iris and Yuki were already there, so I joined them and we were going through some vocabulary about accomodation and hotels. Yuki also created a chart for me so I can learn hiragana and katakana in home ^^ arigatou gozaimasu :3 When it was less misty outside, we went up to the top of the tower, enjoying view (for free, as it was during Tampere aniversary day B-) ) after that we went to Tallipiha, practising time expressions and discussing “typical finnish/slovak appearance” a bit. It seems that everyone knows I,m not from Finland from a first sight q.q. But the same goes for Yuki. HA!

In Tallipiha there were shops, ponnies and few more shops, so we were practising numbers and questions useful for shopping in finnish and little bit in slovak. “Paljonko maksaa yksi hervonen?” O.< But when it comes to chocolate, no one cares how much it is.

Suklaakaupassa Iris ja Yuki

Awesome Iris taught awesome me how to ask about amount of portions there, and then awesome Yuki get us some food. The amount was not so awesome, but it was tasty anyway. We stayed in Tallipiha for some more time, increasing dictionary and discussing friendly topics simultaneously.

Then we moved through small shops to shopping centre for some more practise of pricing, until 2pm, when me and Iris decided to go for “mustakmakkara”. Yuki still wanted to buy something in city centre, so we split. I ordered “mustamakkara kahdella eurolla” and was full of myself until the lady in kiosk asked me something in finnish. ._. well, it is nice to know how to ask for something, but I have still long way to go to actually be completely indepent customer 😀 After those tasty sausages were eaten (yall finnish guys really eat black sausage with jam only? o.o ) I had still some more vocabulary questions that Iris answered and corrected my pronunciation. But it was about time to say bye. So after more that 5 hour lasting meeting I headed home, enriched with lots of new words, bunch of phrase and one “jelito” (=mustamakkara=black sausage).
And also memories of pleasant time full of fun and learning at the same time.

lets get it started…our first meeting in Cafe Europa

hhhspanish vs. german XD
After we had lunch at TAMK I (Philipp), Christopher and Jocelyn went for a little walk to the city centre. It was perfect weather for that and so we started straight away to teach each other some german and spanish phrases and words on the way. Mainly we spoke about thinks we could see around us and phrases we already have knew before. It did not take long until we feltfamilier”. So it was easy for use to speak openly about various topics very quickly, for example cultural differences and similarities. As we stoped in Cafe Europa every one was happy to get a cup of coffee und could sit down in a nice ambience. It was the right time to discuss some basic language skills and write them down. Only briefly later all of  of us had a full sheet of new words and grammatical basics (alphabet, numbers, introduceing phrases…), which turned out as our new homeworks untill our next meeting because it was already very late🙂



First meeting

Halloween is coming..

Today, nearly one month after the introduction to the “EOTO” course Georg and me had our first meeting. The reason why we didn’t manage to meet earlier is that my Austrian buddy is more travelling around the globe than in Tampere. He already visited seven different countries in only two months of his “Erasmus” experience. But today we finally made it and spend an awesome time together. After class we met at the main lobby of TAMK. After that we decided to go to the city center to do some “Halloween” shopping. We went to a shop called punanaamio and looked for some nice costumes. Each of us tried around 5 different costumes. From Peter Pan, Funky Man, Spiderman, Dracula to Batman. Seeing each other in those costumes was a lot of fun. At the end, Georg decided to buy a really big Sombrero and a Poncho. He will dress up as a real “Mexican” guy with a big moustache. I ended up in a really fancy batman costume. So I will be ready to save gotham city from bad guys. Of course we also had some learning outcomes. Georg teached me all different colours of our costumes.

Sans titre


GRÜN = green

BRAUN = brown

GELB = yellow

SCHWARZ = gelb

ROT = red

OROANGE = orange

VIOLETT = purple

After our shopping trip we dicided to grab a coffee. We went Mc Donalds and Georg continued with his teaching. He asked me to buy a little booklet to note all new vocabs I have to study. Besides the colours, I learned the different week days in German.

MONTAG = Monday; DIENSTAG = Tuesday; MITTWOCH = Wednesday; DONNERSTAG = Thursday; FREITAG = Friday; SAMSTAG = Saturday; SONNTAG = Sunday

After that he examined me on all the different colours I have learned in the shop. I did quite well and Georg was really content.

Sans titref

So we changed the topic and started talking about the place he lives in Austria. Georg grew up in a little village in Upper Austria, went to school there and also did his finals in Upper Austria. After his military service he went to Vienna, the capital of Austria and a really different place compared to a small village. So I asked him to tell me more about Vienna and the difference to his life on the countryside. We will discuss this in our next meeting which is set up for tomorrow already.

I hope you like reading my first blog entry and it would be really nice if u leave a comment. See you tomorrow. !!



Halloween is coming..

Hello everyone !


I hope your Erasmus time is going great! I finally had my first meeting with my French buddy Ugo for Each One teach one course!

After visiting many countries such as Sweden, Norway, Estonia etc… I finally returned to Tampere!


I chose to do my each one teach one with Ugo because we know each other since the day we arrived. The fact that I already have French knowledge has been a real starting point in our discussion. But I really want to improve my skills and Ugo seems to be the right person!


Today we went buying our Halloween costume for Tuesday party and we really enjoyed that moment. We tried many costume and Ugo selected a Batman costume he’s childhood hero.

Ugo taught me words I forgot such as colours, and parts of the body and clothes translation:


Tête = Head

Chapeau = Hat

Pull = Sweatshirt

T-shirt = T-shirt

Ceinture = Belt

Pantalon = Pants

Chaussures = Shoes


Beside of it I was able to speak again using the different verbs I remembered:

Avoir and Être (To have, to be) and use it in different situation.


Avoir                                          Être

J’ai                                              Je suis

Tu as                                           Tu es

Il a                                              Il est

Nous avons                                 Nous sommes

Vous avez                                   Vous êtes

Ils ont                                         Ils sont

This a picture Ugo took about me wearing my future Halloween costume: I will be a Mexican guy and my mustache will look awesome!


After buying our costumes we went to McDonalds to get a coffee and talk about where exactly we were from and about our childhood.

Ugo was raised in a city 100km south of Paris and moved at the age of 10 to a city called Bordeaux in the south west of France. I already knew where it was because I lived in south of France for 4 months, in Montpellier, which is south too but on the east part of France.


We are looking forward to know more about each other but I already feel confortable again with French. Ugo mentioned me that we were gonna watch some French comedies and listen to some famous French bands and artists and I am very excited about it.

The second meeting


Our second EOTO meeting was in Sokos shopping center. Our teacher Theresa taught us some important sentences which you need when you are shopping. For example when you are just looking around at the shop, and the shopkeeper asks what are you looking “Was suchen Sie?” you can answer in German “Danke Ich sehe mich nur um”.

When you  would like to know the price of product, you ask “Wie viel das kostet?”.

Our teacher also made a list of products in German.

Here are few examples:


Einkaufen gehen= to do shopping

Kleidung= clothes


We also went through the colours in German.





It was important to talk about these topics because those are needed when you are travelling and shopping in Germany.

Watashi no uchi ni koucha wo notte, hanashi wo shimashita.

On Sunday (nichiyoubi) we met at my place in Kissanmaa. I made some tea (koocha) and Yuki brought some japanese green tea chocolate. Oishikatta desu yo!

I had written a letter (tegami) in Japanese to Yuki about my autumn holiday trip (aki no tobi) to Lapland.  We read that through and correct mistakes (machigai). I think this was very effective way of learning.  I had writen stuff I wanted to say as well as I was able to without help. And then Yuki as a native speaker let  me know mistakes and better/more natural ways to say things. I decided to write more letters to Yuki about different topics including as much grammar as possible. 😀

My very short letter to Yuki
A copy of my very short letter to Yuki

I  and Marius had also collected few words and phrases that I wanted to be able to say in Japanese.

thunder = kaminari = ukkonen
to drown = oboreru = hukkua
handycraft = shugee = käsityö
biking = jitensha ni norukoto =pyöräillä
fire! = kajida! = tulipalo!
help! = tasukete! = apua!
thief! = hittakuri! = varas!
come at me! = kakatte koii! = käy päälle!


Next time then!/Jaa mata nee!

Ice Hockey

Hey all together,

me and my EOTO partner went to an ice hockey game last time and it was really a very nice and new experience for me, because I have never seen one before.

It was really cool to see all the fans shouting and cheering for their favorite team. Normally I just know this crazy atmosphere just from basketball games, but here it was nearly the same.

After the game we have been really hungry and bought some pizza. I tried to order my pizza in Finnish, but I think I didn´t really succeed;). But hey keep on trying and learn as much Finnish as I can here.

See you soon.

Conversation in German


Our study group met again after autumn break and we decided to train our conversation skills. We went to Koskikeskus and found there a nice cafeteria.

We started with introducing our selves and discussing  about what we are studying.   We told each other what we had done last week and what we are going to do next weekend. So we went trough different tenses while we spoke.

Our teacher told us easier ways to speak. I think one of the reasons why I think German is a bit difficult is that study books usually try to teach formal way to speak. Often not so formal way (when you are talking to a friend) is just enough and would be easier to learn.

We tried to tell our teacher what kind of winter time we have here in Finland and she also liked to know what are the best things in winter (what we are expecting and why). It is good that we all can speak and understand English as well, otherwise Teresa could think that all we are expecting is Santa Claus and freezing snow storms :).

Some shopping


We had our second lesson in Sokos. Our teacher had made for us a list of useful shopping phrases. We learned how to answer in German that I am just looking around and do not need any help and also how to ask help.

We walked trough the different shopping departments and pointed items asking what’s this in German. Our teacher said the word first and we repeated after her. I learned that it doesn’t
matter so much if I don’t remember the correct article of the word. People will understand me anyway.

I think it was important to learn also that German word ‘Bio’ means organic. I thought first that it is the shortening of something or it means something totally different (like cinema, but that is Swedish). I learned that if I want to ask in a store where is the organic food I should use that word.

We trained pronunciation with the word ‘anprobieren’ which means to try on clothes. I have a little troubles with the letter R because the German way to say it it’s a bit different than in Finnish. It just sounds funny when I say it :). Just have to practice more.

Finns speak French !

Hey dear blog ! I haven’t write something for almost 3 weeks because I was really busy and I was abroad. Indeed I spent my holidays in France and then I went to Russia with students of TAMK including a member of my EOTO group, Michèl ! But at least now I have more time and I did lots of things concerning Each one teach one before leaving Finland and abroad so I will develop two part in one time in this article and do an other one about Russia.

Aussie bar

First of all my second meeting in Aussie Bar with Elina. We decided to choose this bar because none of us knew it and it seemed good. It was in fact really good, the decoration, the atmosphere and the beer pong table table just in front of us !? (So cool).

We didn’t really prepare exercises so we improvised and it was not so bad ! We went through French stuff and I was really really surprised one more time by the Elina’s level. Indeed she knew really well the conjugations whereas it’s really difficult even sometimes for French peoples.

However one thing funny with Elina it’s the article “LE” and “LA” which replace “THE” and has to be accorded with the gender. She always tries to guess but she always gets wrong. But there is no rule about this so it’s normal, she has just to keep learning and it will come.

This meeting was on Tuesday and we knew that on Friday Elina was leaving and it was on Saturday for me for two weeks so we decided to meet a last time with our new mate Tilda once before leaving. We chose Thursday !


Thrusday 9 of October, Meeting at Café Runo with Elina and Tilda our new group member !

We already knew each other with Elina so we met at school and we went to stockman in the city center to pick up Tilda. We decided to go to café Europa but it was full and it’s always good to discover new places so Tilda led us to café Runo that she knew as a good place. Indeed it was really nice, cosy and with a large selection of tea and few cakes. They took a tea and me a cappuccino then we went to sit at the first floor on the mezzanine.

Runo Bar

We expected to go through Finnish lessons this time with Elina but we changed to French because Tilda was only teaching Finnish to her other group so it was better for her to learn this time !

I didn’t know the Tilda’s level in French after just one year of French courses but it was good, she knew the basics things and more like grammar stuff and so on. I used exercises from internet this time and they answered together or one after the other. They knew almost every words and conjugations, it was really enjoyable, but they were a little shy when I wanted them to try to speak French, to make little sentences and so on… I think they need to be maybe a bit more self-confident and try to speak.

We spent a really good time in this café and we didn’t see the time. Tilda left us after two hours but we stayed with Elina one hour more to see some words in Finnish and she showed me some funny anecdotes like “kuusi palaa” which means just nine different things, easy….

Kuusi palaa

Next meeting will be tomorrow 28 of October with just Elina to speak a bit Finnish ! I think we will speak about our holidays as well.