finnish and japan in the warmth of home

For the third meeting, Iris invited us home. I prepared some phrases I wanted to learn, some of them I already know in finnish, thanks to Basics of finnish course, so I was mostly asking Yuki for explanation.

I learned new words, also how to create questions in japan, difference between question and notification sentence, how to ask someone to do something. I was also intrested in making right form of verbs, from their base form to the form, used in sentences.Iris knew some rules for it, so Yuki let her explain it to me. After that, I wrote numbers in japan and asked Yuki to tell me if I,m wrong (scored 8,5/10). She told me how to create numbers up to 9999 as well.

Yuki then wanted to know more possible asnwers for mitä kuuluu?, so we both wrote down some new expressions for mood, and me and Iris wrote down vocabulary she asked Yuki afterwards.

We were also discussing finnish habit about moving away from parents after acceding university. At first I was suprised when Iris told me her parents are living just two km from her house. In Slovakia we usually live with parents until we are about to get married, so it seems kinda like wasting money. But on the other hand, I can understand that they are trying to become independent. And I like living here in flat on my own too (no work around the house, watching series during nights, yay 😀 ).

So after two hours we ended our meeting, because Yuki had another business to deal with. Next time we will maybe try to write a letter in language we are learning, and watch some japanese series, and I,m looking forward to it.

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