The Chinese Myth

Our last session with Ethan happened to be in one of those library discussion rooms. It was this weeks Wednesday and we had decided to watch a movie so we wanted to make it huge. Therefore we used on of those giants TVs. We did a right thing whereas resolution quality was just perfect. We were watching chinese movie called The Myth starring Jackie Chan. Although I had never seen chinese movie before, I do know Jackie Chan and I have watched couple of movies produced in USA with him as a main character (Tuxedo, Rush Hour, Shanghai Knights…). I do admire his performance of martial arts during action parts of movies so, yeah let´s watch another!

So the length of the movie is quite long but, it wasn´t so bad to got bored.. My thoughts are that this capture is the clear movie average, but I understand why Ethan had chosen this particular one. The main story is divided into two ages connected with Jackie. Historical part enlighteened me again some small pieces of Chinese history- mainly part of the Qin dynasty period. Again I could see that trust and loyalty to the Emperor is the highest value in society. Even his own wives should have died when he was dying as a part of the loyal sign.
Main idea is about LOVE as usual, but besides there was mentioned also immortal life and all of these matters included (eternality and so on) which I find very interesting to deal with :). Jackie´s battle scenes were entertaining as usual, but I found myself not so into it like I watched it as a child. Nevermind, I learned something new and I am excited about next lesson ;)..
On the picture you can see Ethan and me watching the movie 🙂

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