Gehst du gerne shoppen?

Our last meeting has been already some time and I almost forgot to write a post… but here it is now, just in time before our next meeting 🙂

Last Thursday we were probably all a little tired and not really that excited to study. Hyejin and Sunyoung had proposed to watch a German movie, but unfortunately my laptop just had broken down, so we had to think of something else.

We decided on going through vocabulary one might need when shopping (one of the most important and interesting parts of life?), and tried to make questions and sentences with those. Again, I was quite amazed at the abilities of Hyejin and Sunyoung to intuitively switch the word order of a sentence in order to make it into a question.

For example from “Ich gehe gerne shoppen (einkaufen).” to “Gehst du gerne shoppen (einkaufen)?”. It didn’t seem too difficult on them, although the verb-forms of “gehen” (ich gehe, du gehst, wir gehen) got mixed up sometimes. But with a cheat sheet it worked really well! 🙂

It was quite difficult to keep the new vocabulary to a minimum, so it wouldn’t be too much to remember – there are just so many things that could prove important and useful. Also the use of the adverb “gerne” was quite difficult to explain, as it has the same meaning as “to like”, but is used in a different way for which the English has no equivalent – at least I don’t know of any.

For our next meeting I decided to prepare myself a little better, so I asked Hyejin and Sunyoung in advance what they want to do and we decided to go with an episode of OnePiece again. That’s a really fun and relaxing way to study – for all of us 😀

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