Oktoberfest and books


On nice and already a bit dark October afternoon we went to the main library Metso and found a nice cafe upstairs. Our teacher had found a newspaper article about Oktoberfest and we started to translate it. It was nice to notice that even I didn’t understand all the words, I could still follow up the story.

Oktoberfest is a huge happening in German. Our teacher told us that many people steal the beer glass (jar) as a souvenir. New word from the text for me was ‘Sanitätsstation’. It doesn’t mean ‘toilet station’ which was my first guess. It means first aid station which is usually quite crowded during the Oktoberfest.

When we got trough the text we went to the library downstairs. We looked around and tried to find a bookshelf where the German books are kept. Finally we found for example books for children, German poetry, novels and study books. There were a quite impressive collection and I think it is possible actually borrow and read something from easy read section :). At least we know now where those books can be found.



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