Last week Georg and I went to Lapland. We took the train from Tampere to Rovaniemi and rented a car. Altogether we drove 1600km with our car in 5 days. During our trip we spent the whole time together. So there were lots of opportunities to learn some German. We spoke about how to get the driving licence (Führerschein) in our countries and the difference in our school systems. Altogether we were 10 people. To prepare dinner, we had to form teams out of two. So every team was responsible to cook dinner at one of the five days. Georg and I decided to make pasta. We thought that would be easy and won’t take too much time. To make our pasta a bit more special we did not use a dip from the super market. We made our own one out of meat and all kind of vegetables. Our plan not to cook too long did not really work. At the end we needed more than two hours to finish our dinner. It is really a lot of work to cook for 10 people, even though it is “just” pasta. 😀
Lapland is one of the most beautiful parts of the world I have ever seen. It’s just nature, frozen lakes, and long roads without any civilization for hundreds of kilometers. We did some hiking in natural parks, a husky and a snow mobile ride. We also went to Levi. Unfortunately we arrived there on Monday, just one day after the world cup slalom of skiers. Georg was not really happy about that haha 😀
Here are some pictures of our trip to Lapland. Enjoy!


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