Movie Night

We decided to watch a movie  My Neighbour Totoro (best movie ever!). I and Yuki had seen the movie before but this was Marius’s first time. Marius booked us a room from Tamk’s library and brought his laptop (and did all that IT stuff). 😀

I have seen the movie so many times that I remember the plot well. But I was very happy noticing that I was able to understand much more from talking part ( did not read that often subtitles 8D). But still being able to watch movies  without subtitles is quite a far away dream for me.

I think Marius found Totoro bit boring (cat bus being only action in the movie? :D). He still prefer Princess Mononoke from Ghibli Movies (nice movie also, I say). For Yuki there was not any challenge because language was Japanese and English subtitles.

The movie is happy and cute if taken as it comes. But sad if you try to see behind the story.
Yuki told us one theory about the movie (I had heard it before). Totoro being The God of Death and both sister died in the ending of movie. (



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