lesson with drinking vodka


On October 25, Mari and Jongsoo and I met as our third meeting. We chose a Mari’s apartment as the place of the study on that day.

Because there is about five minutes from Lapinkaari where Jongsoo and I lived in, it was so near! But Jongsoo and I were lost a little because there were a lot of buildings.


On that day, also we studied Finnish and Japanese! Firstly, we started to study Finnish. At first I learned about Finnish greetings. Because I thought that the greetings is the words that are important in any country, it was good that I could learn that! Because there are the words that matched in the time like “good evening = hyvää iltaa” or “hello = hyvää päivää”, I want to use them positively to remember from now on!

Then, I learned a word that vegetables and fruit or a word that is used when we go to cafe! In addition, I learned Finnish of the beer that was the most important to us!

It is “beer = olut”!

And finally, I learned how to ask for coffee in the cafe. I hardly go to a cafe, but want to order it in Finnish early! Surely the latter half of the meeting could go to a cafe. I look forward to the day!

After learned Finnish, I taught Japanese in Mari and Jongsoo about review “hiragana” and numerical how to count. After all, I felt that we need more time to learn, because Japanese is a little bit difficult.


This photograph is the juice that mixed vodka with the drink of the berry which Mari’s mother made.

While Each One Teach One, Mari gave Jongsoo and me it! It was easy to drink very much and it was fruity and so delicious!!!

Kiitos 🙂

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