Lesson start!!!

On October 6, Mari and Jongsoo and I learned Finnish and Japanese! We chose the Lapinkaari where we studied. Because of Lapinkaari is the place that Jongsoo and I live in! I take the Finnish class, but I’m beginner, Mari and Jongsoo are also Japanese beginners.

Firstly I taught Japanese in Mari and Jongsoo. The contents, which I told, are the “hiragana” which is like the Japanese alphabet. I made a list to be easy to understand the “hiragana” and taught pronunciation. Because Japanese was different from English, it seemed to be difficult for Mari and Jongsoo who learned for the first time. This time I told only these, because I wanted to take time for teaching the “hiragana” on that day.


After I told that, I had them practice writing a hiragana letter. I had them write the name of the Jongsoo and Mari as word and the name of an airplane or the bus and so on! I was surprised because they could wrote “hiragana” very well!! That’s great!!


Secondly, Jongsoo and I learned Finnish from Mari. Because the Finnish alphabet resembled English very much, it was easy to understand! However, I practiced pronunciation many times because some pronunciation like “ä” and “y” was difficult! After that, Jongsoo and I learned the  numerical expression from Mari. The numerical expression of Finnish was the same as Japanese, so it was extremely easy to understand.


Because Mari is good at teaching, so I’m very happy!! I want to learn Finnish steadily from now on!

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