Exam preparations

After all those fun and relaxing meetings with Thomas and Janika, where we spent hours upon hours discussing culture, politics, drinking habits, national holidays, proverbs, cartoons, politicians, music and many other oh-so-important things that make life beautiful, this week was a bit different.

After realizing that our Finnish exam date is nearing quickly, Thomas and I decided to ask Janika to help us with the preparations. Even though everyone’s schedule is pretty booked these days, as the semester draws to a close, we still decided to meet two times this week, and got some serious work done for the exam.


For our first meeting, we chose the small room in Y kampus, which allowed us to set up a game plan in peace and quiet. Janika wanted to know what we studied so far, and we decided to focus on the basics, and leave too complicated stuff out (which proved to be a great strategy later).

Thomas suggested that each of us makes a list of most common expressions and words, and then we combine them together in the next meeting, as a result of our collective wisdom. 🙂

To hear more about the results, you’ll need to read my next blog entry!

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