The last official meeting

So, EOTO comes to its official end and on the 2nd of December we had our last official meeting. We didn’t want to learn much, just discussed all the previous things and tried to make dialogues. I really can see the difference, I have learnt much during this course, however I did not succeed to learn all the stuff from my preliminary plan, but still THANKS A LOT to Joonas and Rulis for teaching me and thanks for organazing this course. It is great opportunity to study language in easy and informal way.


I asked guys to train me before the Finnish exam I had this week. Reading and understanding texts is the most difficult for me because of poor vocabulary. Also it seems to me that there are a lot of similar words in Finnish and it confuses me a lot. For example: tuli-tuuli-tulli (fire-wind-customs). Also we trained listening tasks: they were reading text and I was supposed to answer whether the statement after the text is true or false. After having a cup of coffee with Finnish sukla Fazer, we decided to play word-game. One person should name some word and another have to name the word which starts from the last letter of the previous word. Quite intresting, actually. Need to try it once again with better vocabulary 🙂

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