Finnish and cappuccinos

Time goes really fast and we have only few meetings left. This time we went to cafe europa like on our very first meeting. Since it was relatively early afternoon when we arrived, the place was half empty so we were able to get good seats next to the window to enjoy our cappuccinos.

It was my turn to teach Finnish again. As repetition we went through the weekdays and some other things from the past weeks. I decided to focus more on going over the same things then starting new subjects. Finnish is not easy and like in every language, repetition is the key to learning!

I think it nice that Erwan is making the effort to learn some Finnish, after all he’s not going to stay here for very long and let’s face it, Finnish is not exactly the most useful language to learn. Some one might argue that it’s always useful to know languages but in reality it’s very unlikely you’ll need Finnish anywhere outside Finland. Even in Finland you can survive fine with english.

Our last two meeting will have to wait for a while since we’ll both be travelling for the next weeks but we should still have enough time to have them before Erwan leaves Finland.

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