Joulutori and French

It was nice to meet again after our trips. Apparently lapland had been quite an experience to Erwan and I always love to go to London so it was great as well.

We met at the central square and walked through the christmas market there. The weather sadly is not very christmassy with all the wind and rain but I still like the atmosphere at the market. We went to Kauppahalli so Erwan could try karjalanpiirakka but this time with the egg-butter mix on top of it.


I found out that he had never tried glögi before and that’s something you should try if you happen to be in Finland around Christmas time. So we went to enjoy some (non-alcoholic) glögi which he seemed to enjoy a lot.

While enjoying out drinks, Erwan was teaching me some more french. Every once in a while he talks to me in French and I understand most of it. If I don’t it’s mostly because he speaks fast and after he repeats more slowly I get it. He was telling me sentences in english and I tried to translate them to French (not very successfully). It’s really hard for me to remember the words and conjugations when I’m supposed to be talking but as soon as someone says them I understand and it seems obvious it is like that.

Sadly we have only one more meeting left later this week!

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