After the official ending of EOTO we still have something to do, that is why we’ve met today. We started our lesson with dialogues and short conversations. Joonas and Rulis spoke Russian I had to answer in Finnish. It was difficult to start but then we opened our minds and made a good conversation full of meaning 🙂


Afterwards, we made a digression and talked about differences in Finnish and Russian saunas. Russian sauna is called БАНЯ and we concluded that it is much better than Finnish electrical saunas. Баня is not just way you can wash yourself, it is something you can not express in words, it is part of culture, it has its own spirit. You can not make electrical баня and put it into your flat. It should be separate wooden building with a stove.

Than we wrote dictations. Guys told some not very difficult sentences to me in Finnish than I tried to translate and the same thing for them but in Russian of course)


It was difficult. All those endings, double letters and vowels with dots above 😐 i felt frustrated after the dictation as I made stupid mistakes after almost 3 month of studing Finnish. But guys said that I was doing well and there are some significant improvements in my language. As usual, we asked some random stuff from each other. It is very cool when Rulis asks something from me, but Joonas answers (because his Russian is more advanced, he has been studing it for 3 years or 2 🙂 )

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  1. Totally forgot to mention, that also we discussed famous actors in Finland and Russia. And Russian models 🙂

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