#9 French grammar

So today we had our last meeting together in Tampere. As we already said, we had some French grammar lesson. I prepared some things that I also learned in Swedish for Hanna in French. And we went through it: Articles, Plural nouns, Verb conjugation and Tenses. We always tried to compare it to other languages we know and also found some similar things in French and Swedish. I also realised that my knowledge of German grammar rules are quite poor but that’s probably because I never have studied it like Hanna did for Swedish.
At the end we found a page with a quiz in French so we did it together and I explained the answers to Hanna. Most of them were quite easy (for me) but some were a bit tricky because sometimes there were two choices possible.

We also decided that our next and last meeting will be about Stockholm and Paris. So I’ll take some pictures from Stockholm and then we can talk about them and I also visited Paris so we can talk about that too.

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