Coffee with news

This meeting we had in Tamko, so we enjoyed some coffee while reading short Swedish news I had brought with me. It was quite hard to find news that had a vocabulary similar to english (Swedish has some similar words, so I thought it would be easier to understand the text even if there were strange words)

Then I found an old story about an explosion in a McDonald’s at St. Petersburg. And I know it’s horrible, but it was one of the pieces I brought with me! It did cause some laughter when I told Dasha what she was supposed to read (probably a normal person would have brought stories about kittens and flowers and sunshine).

Of course it was not the only things – another story was for example about the film Twelve years a slave. I actually assumed that it would be much easier to find texts written in simple Swedish than it really was. I didn’t want to depress Dasha with anything too hard. But she did very well with the texts I brought, she understood the main idea and read them very well.

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