¿Qué talla tienes? (What’s your size?)

The topic of our lesson referred to the clothes. That was untypical class. It was conducted in Stockman. We spent our all lesson in the part of the shop where you can purchase some clothes. What did I learn? From my perspective, a lot of ! I was overwhelmed by a number of words, mainly nouns. Not only did I study basic vocabulary but also I learnt how to form questions and expressions. After that class I can ask the shop assistant about a different size or colour. Furthermore, I can form a request to have a possibility to try the clothes in the fitting room. I found this way of education more useful and practical. I was surrounded by the things while I was teaching about. I memorized the pronunciation. We acted as a shop assistant and a customer in a real shop. It was education through play. I learnt consciously about the words, expressions, dialogues and enjoyed the performance.

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