Last but fun meeting

Friends of mine came from Spain to spend the last days with me here, so I decided to invite Melanie to a group meeting and let her practice her Spanish! It was awesome, I had so much fun playing all together “pictionary”, in Spanish of course. Melanie did really great identifying many many words, as always I’m proud of her! We spent two and half hours, and time flies when having fun…

Anyway, my conclusion about the whole course is very positive. It is a creative,  fun and useful idea, that I enjoyed so much these months. I realized that teaching Spanish is not that easy because there many things we say but we don’t really know why is it like that. I think it was the same for Melanie, however she was a nice teacher thou! The main conclusion about German is that the pronunciation is very difficult to me, I know it’s not that hard, but sometimes I have to struggle with it.

So this is it, I will miss her so much… I hope I will see her in Spain when she goes to work there!


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