Last meeting in the Joulutori

Hello and Merry Christmas!

We had our last meeting in the Christmas market at the city center. Everyone arrived at the fountain and we started looking around what we saw in the tiny cabins. There was a lot of foods, candies and handcrafts, such as socks and mittens and one mythical creature.IMG_20141219_144053 (1)


At some point Sveta ate what she thought was a delicious almond but it turned out to be pickled garlic. I guess the saying’s true; looks can be deceiving. After we saw enough of the Christmas market we went to a close by cafe to relax for a minute before going home. There Sveta asked for some last advice on how to write a letter in Finnish.IMG_20141219_151225 (1)

It was a very moving final meeting. I will never be the same.

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