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24th of December

I invited Yuki to spend Christmas at my parents place so she could experience the (one type of)Finnish Christmas.

On the morning we went to a religious ceremony, sang hymns and listened  the declaration of Christmas peace from radio. After the ceremony we ate some delicious rice porridge! Words Yuki learned: seimi = a manger, riisipuuro = rice porridge, Jumala = God (kami), tähti = a star (hoshi).

Christmas decoration
Christmas decoration

Later we traditionally visited a grave yard and lightened two candles next my relatives graves. The view over the yard was beautiful because of hundreds of candles. Because of wind the weather (-10 degrees) felt bit chilly. 😀

Candles for those, who are buried far away
Candles for those, who have been buried far away

After our freezing trip over dead people we enjoyed lovely Christmas meal including turkey = kalkkuna (shichimenchou), spiced herrings = maustettuja silakoita, Christmas salad = rosolli and carrot/potato/sweet turnip casserole = porkkana/peruna/lanttulaatikko. During our meal Santa Clause = joulupukki had somehow visited us without being noticed and brought presents = lahjoja for all of us!


TAMKO meeting

From now till then we decided to meet on Fridays after school to make things easier. So we did. We met at Tamko and we were talking about travelling and good apps for cell phone that find cheap flights all over the world.  Also we learned body and face parts in Finnish and Russian languages and how to say I like smth in Finnish. For example:  Pidän kahvilasta.

image (1)image (2)

Meeting at Cafe Europa again!

We were supposed to meet at university but it was closed, so we went to Cafe Europa! I was late for 1 hour and 20 minutes and came to Cafe at 3.20 p.m. instead of 2 p.m. So, I missed Russian part, but Katya and Tero managed that part greatly without me and I was just in time to learn Finnish.  It was quite relaxed and dark Saturday. It was a bit cold and grey outside. So, we bought coffee and started to make Katya’s homework for Finnish Language. As I did not have Finnish Language course at that time I was totally agree to do that. It was a bit difficult for me. But I learned a lot new. Text was about mess in different rooms and how to clean it. So at least now I know how different rooms are called.


Meeting at y-campus

Third time we met at y-campus and Tero taught us names of clothes and colors using Hyvin Menee 1 book . Also he explained us differences btw singular and plural form. For example: Siniset farkut. That really helped me in Finnish Language course.

We also read and translated text from Cafe Peter book in Russian, which was about party where people of different professions participated. That text was about different professions and how names of professions change due to gender.  Like: 1. актер,актриса; 2 . поэт, поэтесса;  3. учитель, учительница;Stage_pieni

Last meeting in the Joulutori

Hello and Merry Christmas!

We had our last meeting in the Christmas market at the city center. Everyone arrived at the fountain and we started looking around what we saw in the tiny cabins. There was a lot of foods, candies and handcrafts, such as socks and mittens and one mythical creature.IMG_20141219_144053 (1)


At some point Sveta ate what she thought was a delicious almond but it turned out to be pickled garlic. I guess the saying’s true; looks can be deceiving. After we saw enough of the Christmas market we went to a close by cafe to relax for a minute before going home. There Sveta asked for some last advice on how to write a letter in Finnish.IMG_20141219_151225 (1)

It was a very moving final meeting. I will never be the same.

Finnish dessert and Japanese food


I post my 10th post of Each One Teach One. On December 5, we gathered in the kitchen of Lapinkaari 3rd floor. On that day, we cooked Finnish and Japanese food and ate together.

The Finnish food that Mari made it in her house and brought it here is dessert called “Marjarahka”. We decided to look forward to eat it after we ate a Japanese food and chilled it in a refrigerator.

A Japanese food is “curry and rice”. The curry has the image of the Indian food, but the Japanese curry is different in a kind. The Japanese curry is milder than the Indian curry. Cause the Indian curry use many kind of spice, but the Japanese curry rice is less than Indian’s spice. Therefore the Indian curry has more strong and many kind of smell. It is the point that different from Japanese curry. I love both!

The curry is common at home in Japan and eaten often in a house. In my home, we eat once a week! In addition, we can easily cook it because much curry roux is sold. So on that day, we could make it in about 30 minutes.


I had Mari cut vegetables!


We boiled rice while stewing curry.


Finally, this is the Japanese curry and rice!


We ate it deliciously! 🙂

During a meal, we talked about an entrance examination of the Finnish university. I felt that generally structure of an entrance examination of the Finnish university resembled Japan. After that, Mari told me about the Finnish animals. The animal that left the biggest impression on me is “Moose”. Moose often collides with a car on a road and is strong animal so as to break a car. Moose is so big so I wanna really see it!


In addition, Mari showed me the photograph of the Finnish food that Mari usually make. This is “munkki”! It was looks really tasty!


After having finished eating Japanese curry and rice, we ate “Marjarahka” which Mari made it and brought. “Marjarahka” is made from blueberries, strawberries, maitorahka, whipped cream and sugar! It was very delicious!!! I love it cause sweetness is just for me!

On that day, we spent a wonderful time. I could make Japanese food together and eat Finnish dessert, so I was so happy!!!

And this time might be the last as official meeting of Each One Teach One. I am very grateful for that I could learn Finnish language and culture and teach Japanese language and culture and also meet wonderful partner, Mari and Joonas.  However, we can continue still EOTO by I leave from Tampere.

Thank you Each One Teach One and my best partner Mari and Joonas!


Kiitos ja Hyvää Joulua! 😀

Last meeting

Our time in Finland is going to finish so Sanne and I decided to meet for the last time of our lessons in the campus, to check what we have learned and to say goodbye.

As a student it has been quite harder than what I thought to learn a new language with few hours and few chance to practice it in everyday life (it has been the same problem with Finnish indeed). About Dutch I will rememer probably several grammar rules but the sound is quite complicated and there are too many exceptions to remember. It has been very interesting to discover the culture of the Netherlands, learning from a native, as Sanne, is always much better ’cause she can emphatize which elements are real and which other are stereotype.

As a teacher it has been a great experience. Not only for what I taught, but for what I learned, from many points of view. from a linguistic point of view I realized which are the most difficult aspects of my language (i.e. verb conjugation, numbers) and which are easier than what I thought (accordance noun-adj.), and which are quite easy (reading, pronunciation except for letter -c, -s, -g).

But the best part for me was to re-discover how proud of my country I am, how many nice and funny aspects we have. It’s not normal for an Italian in those days, trust me. to prepare our lessons I was looking for what are the features of Italy, and I found that  when Italian people try to do something well, they can get the best, they just have to apply. From cooking to singing, from natural landscape to poetry.

This is probably the best earning I will bring with me  after this course AFTER, of course, the friendship with Sanne, a very young, talented girl who I really enjoyed to meet every time. I was always happy to have our meeting, thank to her positivity and kindness. Thank to TAMK’s EOTO then, but thank to you Sanne, really. Merry Christmas and happy new year to everybody, have a great life you all people!

The last one

Time goes really fast, it will soon be Christmas and it’s also time for our very last meeting. Erwan is returning to France but luckily we managed to meet  day before he left. It was nice to meet one more time cause the chances are it really was the last time.

We met at cafe europa where we also had our very first meeting. With hot chocolates in our hand it was nice to look back to the past autumn and the things we learned and taught.

For me it was a great experience and I learned a lot. Especially useful was to hear Erwan speaking in French, to keep up my listening skills. Also it was good to be teaching Finnish. I got more ideas as in what to teach and in what order and can now apply them in practise when teaching Finnish to my boyfriend.

In the end of our meeting we headed to Stockman in search of Glögi spices (to make one yourself), for Erwan to bring back to France with him.

Soon it was time for us to part ways.

All in all I had a great time and enjoyed the experience!

Reading lesson

After 8th lessons of Dutch- Italian we decided that we were ready to read something… but not too much!

Sanne showed me the cute character for children Nijntje; she is a young white rabbit, created by the Dutch artist Dick Bruna during the second half of the last century. It seems very famous among children in The Netherlands, her English name is Miffy.

We used the official Nijntje’s website (very well-studied and children-friendly) and we start reading on it one of her adventure: in the children’s park with her family.

We was laughing and making fool of ourselves (in a positive way) all the time because the style is of course very childish, but it was a very good starting point for this complicated language. I tried my best but Dutch has many diphtong and other exceptions about the sound of groups of letters so I wasn’t really good… but it’s ok!

Then I choose some poems for children by Gianni Rodari, an extraordinary Italian writer who is a master in playing with the Italian language to create rithm in his poetry. I asked Sanne to try and she was definitely much better than me… I have a great student!

Last but fun meeting

Friends of mine came from Spain to spend the last days with me here, so I decided to invite Melanie to a group meeting and let her practice her Spanish! It was awesome, I had so much fun playing all together “pictionary”, in Spanish of course. Melanie did really great identifying many many words, as always I’m proud of her! We spent two and half hours, and time flies when having fun…

Anyway, my conclusion about the whole course is very positive. It is a creative,  fun and useful idea, that I enjoyed so much these months. I realized that teaching Spanish is not that easy because there many things we say but we don’t really know why is it like that. I think it was the same for Melanie, however she was a nice teacher thou! The main conclusion about German is that the pronunciation is very difficult to me, I know it’s not that hard, but sometimes I have to struggle with it.

So this is it, I will miss her so much… I hope I will see her in Spain when she goes to work there!