Playing German Monopoly

On Monday 5th of January I played monopoly. First I thought I will be just usual game but later I realized that I’m actually learning German. There wasn’t so much words and on the cards were usually simple sentences so I could almost always understood what every card means. There were two types of cards: Schatztruhe – Treasure chest and Rettungsring – Rescue ring.

There are some samples of cards:

  • Die erste Unterwasserbank zahlt dir eine Dividende. Du erhalst € 50. – The first underwaterbank pays you a dividend. You receive € 50.
  • Hast du Appetit auf einen Krabbenburger? Rücke vor bis zur Krossen Krabe. – Do you want a crab burger? Advance to the field Mr. crab.
  • Gehe in das Gefangnis! Begibt dich Direkt dorthin. Gehe nicht über Los. Ziehe nicht € 200 ein. – Go to the prison. Go there directly. Do not pass Go. Don’t receive € 200.
Spongebob monopoly

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