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Hungarian lecture

It was our memorable 1st EOTO meeting and we started from learning Hungarian language. I told her what I want to learn from her in advance, so she taught me expressions of greeting and self-introduction in Hungarian at first.


After that, she wrote all alphabets are used in Hungary and taught how to pronounce them. In Hungary, there are 43 alphabets (like this picture!).Some alphabets were so hard for me to pronounce!

Her teaching process was very clear and easy to understand, so I’ll prepare to teach Japanese like her.

Antikiller movie

The last two meetings we decided to watch movies. One in Russian language and another in Finnish. We decided to watch Antikiller movie in Russian language (with Finnish subtitles) at y-kampus. As we’ve never seen that movie it was interesting for us. We had positive impression from film. We enjoyed from watching movie together. Although, we didn’t do anything for studying language, but it was good expirience of listening to Russian Language for Terro and just good time))


Meeting at Keskus

One meeting we just decided to walk in citycenter and name everything we’ve seen on our way. In our way we met lots of things like -“roskis”,  “bussipysäkki”, rakenus, auto, and people of course)) Me tapasimme paljon ihmisiä, perheitä ja lapsia.

The  same things we said in Russian language too. Also, we visited some shops in the center. We did not learn a lot this time. It was just fun and relaxing time)


Penultimate Meeting! FR-ARG

After a loooong long long long xmas holiday, we finally found a time slot to meet each others. The easiest was to meet at TAMK so I had lunch and Emilce had a hot chocolate.

We first discussed the ways to celebrate XMAS in France and in Argentina, differencies and similarities.

Paris - France Champs-Elysées during Christmas time
Paris – France Champs-Elysées during Christmas time
Argentinian Christmas tradition
Argentinian Christmas tradition

Then we talked about the place music has in our cultures.

Emilce showed me a very impressive video from youtube showing how Argentinian fans are very commited. They know how to support artists when going to concerts. You should definitely check this video:

The last meeting in a sports bar

In the last meeting we was in a sports bar. The atmosphere was awsome there and the hot wings better :-D.

We only talked about the other meeting what we had and if it was helpful. I realy learned much from here and I hope I could teach here also some stuff.

When we said good bye Frankie gave me a little present. it was very cut but unfortunately i didn´t ha something for here.

In the end it was a great time with here and I hope she called me if she is in Germany so we can meet us again.

Ilves vs Sport

So Frankie and myself decided to go see a hockey match. She was turning into a big icehockey fan. Frankie was a big fan of Ilves. If I met here she had shirt and a scarf of Ilves. It was very funny for me cause I (as guy) wasn´t so interested in Icehockey.

Scotland and Germany are quite similar when it comes to ice hockey we have teams but it’s not as big a sport as football and so people usually forget we have teams.

In the break I asked for some words e.g. referee and bat.

The game ended up with a win for Ilves. A good evening for Frankie 😀

Drinks and Christmas talk

I invited Frankie to have some drinks i my flat. She realy didn´t know that you need cucumber  for good Gin Tonic :-D.

After/meanwhile some drinks we talked about the Chrismas and the new year. I didn´t know that in Scotland they open the presents on Chrismas day. In Germany we do it on the Chrismas eve.

I also want to know if they have some funny or special sayings before they drink. It turnes out that they only have cheers. If i heard it i was so surprised because we in Germany have for each occasion an other saying.

XXL Outdoor

In te begining of the meeting we walked up the main street. We didn´t had a plan what we can do so we decided to drive to the XXL Outdoor store.

When we arrived I was searching for a sleeping bag (cause ome friends want to visit me). Furthermore we saw a lot of guns and other weapons. It was a bit confusing for me  because in Germany we need a gun license to buy a weapon and we have to go in special stores for it. Frankie said the same about the UK.

Sushi party

For this meeting, we took a rest from linguistic part of learning, and focused on part of japanese culture instead. In my home country, I´ve been avoiding “strange” food, such as sushi. I admit that I am conservative in many ways, and food is one of them: I will prefer well-tested food before something new (when I tried something new, it almost always ended up in “tried that-never more” category). However, this time I told myself, that there is no better time to try sushi, than at sushi party, during my erasmus stay, as a part of my studies about Japan in Finland 😀

So, after I came to Lapinkaari, I received japanese chopsticks o.o This was quite unexpected, but thanks to my previous experience with those, I managed to use them fairly  B-) There were more types of sushi, so I started with the less exotic looking ones. And to my pleasant suprise, it was not bad at all! I tried other types and all of them were tasty. Yuki and her japanese friends did simple, but good sushi. Even when fish is not my favourite meal, I was satisfied.

Another new thing I tryied there, was wasabi, very spicy green japanese horseradish. With my poor tolerance of spicy food, I only hoped that it is not THAT spicy. Well… I survived and earned another real life EXP 😀 (but yeah: “tried that-never more”).

Except for all this, we had a good time during party, and despite the fact I´m not used to attend parties so much, I´m glad that I was invited and joined.


In our 6th meeting Fankie and me was in the bar Filnayson bar because we want try some different beer.

She asked me something about the german history but i couldn´t realy answer. In the end she was very interested in that and she googled it.  After we “talked” about the german history she told me a lot of the history of Scotland. Now I know it was a bunch of little tribes and they just merged together to form colonies.

In the end of the meeting we talked about the school systems in Scotland and Germany. I didn´t expect at all that the systems are so simiar.