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Meeting at radiokirppis

On Friday after the school we decided to go to radiokirppis together. Found so many interesting things like biggest shoes I’ve ever seen and some cool toys. It’s not usual to buy things in second hands in our culture (Russian and Post Soviet Union). So, it was interesting expirience for us. We teached each other how those things called both in Finnish and Russian languages))

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Meeting at lidl

One bright Saturday as usual,  we met in lidl to learn the names of products. We already knew the names of most groceries in Finnish, so we mostly focused on the names  in Russian language.  Mostly main ones: хлеб, молоко, мясо, кефир, творог etc.  But Tero also teached us how to say groceries in plural form. For example: 2 kiloa omenoita ja litra maitoa.  We learned some language and bought groceries. That was fun! Lidl_Logo.svg

Meeting #4- Food!

Santeri and I decided to have a lighter, less academic session for our fourth EOTS session. We decided to discuss everything food: vocabulary, favorite foods, popular foods in our regions, etc. I took the liberty of sharing first, as I have been severely missing the food from my hometown. I explained the legitimacy of authentic Mexican food in San Diego, the influx of Sushi restaurants within a small radius, gourmet bar/restaurants, and of course, In-N-Out.

Santeri shared some food vocabulary with me, so that I could find my ordering experience at restaurants, as well as shopping, to be a little easier. Some vocab basics learned: Kana, juusto, salaatti, kinkku, naudan jauheliha, hampurilainen, and most importantly, pitsa. We also discussed the opening of Burger King (we should have done the session there), as well as the possibility of running a taco truck to serve up proper Mexican food to the locals here in Tampere!

To be continued…

Meetings 9 & 10

Meeting 9

Meeting number 9 was a movie meeting. We watched movies from Holland and Finland. The finnish movie that we saw was Lapland odyssey. For a dutch movie we chose New Kids Turbo. Both are worth watching.

Finnish humour in movies is slightly darker than in dutch movies. Though in movies, and in general, dutch people dare to make fun of things that might be considered as taboos.

Meeting 10

Todays meeting was about making notes about everything that we have learned during these past meetings. First we wrote down the key subjects that we ended up teaching/learning and then started filling the paper with words we learned in finnish/dutch. We noticed that we had reached the learning/teaching goals that we set for each other at least to some extent. We didn’t really have any expectations for this course since it was a new way of learning for the both of us. But every new thing that we were able to teach each other was an achievement and we are pleased with what we have accomplished.

Meetings 7 & 8

Meeting 7

During this meeting we baked oliebollen. Oliebollen are a dutch delicacy. The closest thing to it that you can find in Finland is munkki. Oliebollen are usually made on the new years day only. We had a ready made mix where you only have to add water so the preparation process was quite easy. When the dough is ready you drop spoonfuls of it in hot oil. The oliebollen stay in the oil for about 5 minutes until they are golden brown. After that you just need to sprinkle them with powdered sugar and they are ready to be eaten!

While shopping for ingridients (mainly just a lot of oil) I learned some useful phrases that might be handy to know when visiting for example a shop or a bakery

Where can I find…? = Waar kan ik … vinden?

How much does this cost? = Hoe veel kost dit?

I would like to have this, please = Ik wil graag deze, alstublieft

Where can I find the fitting rooms? = Waar zijn de pashokjes?

Pay with cash / card = contant betalen / pinnen

Discount / offer = Korting / aanbieding

Price = Prijs

Receipt = Bonnetje

Meeting 8

For meeting 8 we went out to watch some football. During the break we compared Finland and Holland in terms of how people make football into a profession. Here in Finland it seems that most people who work for small clubs also have a ”real” job aside coaching or playing. I personally haven’t met anyone who would have a purely football-realated profession here. In Holland most coaches work full time. Also in Holland people have a lot more to chances to make it into the field of football since there are a lot of different football clubs there.

Meetings 5 & 6

Meeting 5

For this meeting we both garthered some sports magazines. The idea was to practise pronunciation and translation. The dutch language has some hard words for a finnish person. In finnish we don’t really have anything harder than the ng-sound. In dutch there are a few sounds that I struggled with. Ch- sound in some words seems to be quite impossible for me to say correctly. Ch in the beginning of the word is similar to the words “chapter” and “charter”. That didnt create a problem. Ch in the middle of the word its this weird bugger sound which sounds horrible even from a native speaker. At the end of the word its usually attached to the letter S (-> sch) which is then pronounced as [sjjj].

This time we focused mostly on words which have two of the same letters in the middle of the word. In holland double and single letters are pronounced equal, except for a/e/o/u/i in certain situations. For example the word ”kenttä” is easily pronunced as ”kentä” by a dutch person. Usually finnish words that have the letters ä, ö or y take some time to get right but I didn’t hear Mark having any issues with those, for example the word “yöllä” came out perfectly.

We got so carried away with reading that we didn’t have time for the translations that we planned for this meeting, so we decided to continue with that the next time.

Meeting 6

Football related magazines turned out to be a really nifty tool for learning new words. While translating you also learn a lot about how to form a complete sentence.

Translating some sentences was a bit easier than pronuncing silly sounds. Through the context and the looks of the word it was quite easy to find out at least the main idea of the sentence, even if some words were not familiar to me.

Translating finnish sentences that include unfamiliar words can be difficult because there are quite some words that are nowhere near the same word in another language. Therefore I didn’t expect much from Mark when we started with this meeting. But in the end he managed to exceed my expectations.

Time to Finish this (2 meetings)

# 1. Time flies and all things comes to an end.. I can’t believe that it’s already so long since this course, or my study began. What happened – Where did those months go?

Anyhow, we met again for this final session and this time we thought to make less “official” and maybe just enjoy and remember what have we taught so far. We had a coffee in the center of Tampere and talked about few things I wanted to learn, which I had on my mind for the past 1-2 weeks 😀 After that we went to play some pool and “continued” our session there – explaining what’s pool in finnish or french (and ofcourse everything related).

During this time few of our schoolfriends joined us and that’s when the “teaching” stopped, since after you have a few drinks – you don’t need to learn anything, because you’re already fluent in it 😀 We had a blast and our educational evening lasted pretty long till the very morning that time. All I can say is thank you and lets keep in touch.

# 2. The other time we met was just a “boring” session in Universitys Cafeteria. It was somehow an intense teaching/learning for 1hour before our other studies. We went through few things like: vehicles, buildings and places you can visit. This might be handy whenever I visit France again. Also how to ask politely about thing you would like to know or for example as for directions when being a tourist in Paris. That was about it and I think I have few things more on my mind now 🙂 Also we shared few things and thoughts about Finland and France. How we see other people and what kind of a culture differences there is. How people do things and how they communicate on daily basis – is there small talk or is it just “hi and bye”.

All together it was a pretty much fine course, because it wasn’t a heavy load, because obviously we have a lot of other things to do, but it still gave you somekind of view of the language you always wanted to learn. I’m sure I could continue from here and start taking some basic lessons outside the University – we will see about that 🙂 Maybe one thing could be arranged if more people from the course could arrange a meeting for everybody. Somekind of a “getting to know others” event. And I’m not talking about the xmas party now 🙂

Not a bad course at all. Thank you and see you around.


Kiitos, Gracias and Dankeschön!

Our last meeting we did before Philipp had to leave Tampere. We met in TAMKO office for a coffee and we remind for our time in Tampere. We talked about our experience and about our plans after erasmus. For me I definitely will visit Spain to use my skills Jocelyne teached me. Of course I want to do a spanish course to learn it better. Also maybe I want to visit Jocelyne in Mexico. It would be great. I want to thanks that we had the opinion to do this course. Its really great and I had two great partners, who are my friends now 😉 Looking forward to see you

Adiós and Auf Wiedersehen

Pub crawl

After I did groceries I met Philip in the city. After a little talk we recognized that we have time this evening, so we aksed Jocelyne if she is free for a little pub crawl. Our spontanious meeting worked and we went to a pub. There they had german beer and of course tequlla 😉 Jocelyne really liked german beer, and tequilla wasn’t that new for Philipp and me 😀 We had a nice evening and talked a lot and a long time. But this time we decided that nots are not needed 😛

Cinema: The hunger games :)

We decided to go tot he cinema, because we noticed that everyone of us wants to see the new movie of the hunger games. Unfortunatley we coulnd speak a lot in the cinema. But we all liked the movie and decided to stay together after the movie to have a relaxed evening.