#1 First Each one – Teach one meeting

Yesterday, on the 4th of February Hanna and me had our first Each one – Teach one session. We met Luis, our Spanish “teacher” in a cute café called “Pella’s café”.

The atmosphere was very relaxed and we started with getting to know each other. We quickly figured out, that although we both have had Spanish lessons a few years ago, we needed to start from the beginning. If you have not spoken a language regularly, you quickly forget words or grammar rules.

So Luis started with the personal pronouns:

yo = I

tu = you

el / ella = he / she / it

nosotros = we

vosotros = you

ellos / ellas = they

As soon as we started talking, we noticed, that some things are still in our heads. So he gave us some basic verbs (ser = to be, vivir = to live, jugar = to play) and we tried to figure out the right conjugations. When we were done he explained a rule for all verbs ending with -ir, -er and -ar, which is quite helpful (of course except for irregular ones).

After that he told us, that Spanish people pronounce the “v” as “b”, which is very hard to remember, because instead of saying vivir, you would say bibir. Furthermore he explained that they are not pronouncing the “h”, just like in french (e.g. hola = ola).

It was 1.5 hours full of information, rules and cultural differences between Spain and Mexico. We agreed on doing one language at a time. Yesterday we started with Spanish, next time we meet we will teach Luis some German.

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