Time travel!

During the third Russian meeting with Lana my knowledge of the verbs in present form was tested. I’m getting the hang of it, using the different endings mostly correctly. Sometimes I get the person wrong because my mouth is faster than my brain. 🙂

Something that bothered me a lot when I was learning Finnish was the fact that we learned the past tense so late. I was very happy that Lana already now introduced me to this. It feels good to no longer be limited to the present only. The past tense, at first sight, appears to be more regular than the present tense and more easily derived from the infinitive form.

As homework, we once again compiled a vocabulary list. During the holidays I will be studying some temporally-related words, adjectives and verbs. Some of these are food-related, already preparing me for the cooking session that we will have in a few weeks!

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