St. Petersburg and German Pronunciation

So today we had our second EOTO meeting and we met for a coffee in Café Europa in town. I told Victoria in advance, that I’m planning to go to St. Petersburg in April and that’s why she worked out some material for my trip. She prepared a map for me with some history, places of interests and general facts about SPB that I could use for my trip. While explaining me everything she just talked Russian with me, which was kind of hard, because I’m not used to listen for such a long time to this language and I didn’t even understand every word, but some English explanations helped me. Even though I’m sure I will not remember every word or expression she taught me today, it was really a success for my learning process, as I have to get used to listening to the language and paying attention to the right pronunciation of the words. But in order to remember some of the words, I got a little ‘dictionary’ with words she used today, which she will ask me during the next meeting.
After some hard grammar last week in German that I taught her, I decided to do a simpler task. I focused just on the pronunciation on special letters like the German ‘r’ which is quite hard to pronounce for Russians, as well as the ‘z’. Therefore I gave her some German tongue twisters she had to read out loud and she already did quite well, even though she didn’t actively speak German yet. Even Germans might have problems with the sentence ‘Fischers Fritz fischt frische Fische’, that she could nearly read out loud without problems.IMG_4183

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