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Finnish and Russian

Our first meeting was yesterday in cafe Europa and it was very nice. We were talking, getting to know each other, also set some goals for learning. Moreover I have checked Tinja’s (my partner) knowledge in Russian language and she had a look at mine. We defined with what should we start and gave each other homework 🙂 our next meeting is gonna be after holidays 🙂

German Group in Café Europa

I decided to take Jasper to the German-Group in Café Europa. The group is meeting every monday, 6pm (if anybody wants to join). It is open for everybody who wants to improve the  german language.  At the moment there are only about 4 people, so it is a really good opportunity to practice and to get to know the other members.

I think it was challenging for Jasper to speak german, because the conversation is on a high level and he still needs some time to express himself. So it is easier when we are alone and I can take the time for listening and correcting.  Nevertheless he managed very well and he understood a lot of the conversation. We talked about the Mumins and I heard that the Mumin-valley-museum in Tampere is for free on fridays. Definitely something I want to do as soon as possible.

We also talked about “Karneval” in Germany. It usually takes place in february and that means a lot of cities in Germany are full of dressed-up-like-anything, drunk and crazy people. There are carnival parades and the participants throw sweets into the crowd of people. In Finland they don´t celebrate “Karneval” in this way, but funnily on the next day something similar happened in Tampere, because some pupils finished high school.  The streets were full of sweets – like in Germany.

When Finland meets China

We had our first meeting on Wednesday (11.2.2015) with Ruihai. I think both of us were excited about learning a new language and the atmosphere during the whole meeting was great and absolutely positive! We met at the school cafeteria which was a good place for the first meeting.

During the first meeting we got to know eachother and a bit about our home countries. I got to learn a bit of chinese alphabets and then some basic phrases like: hello, how are you and my name is. It was har but I promise to learn!

Teaching technique was supposed to be like half a lesson Chinese and half a lesson Finnish but we ended up to just ask from each others when something came to our mind. This techinque was actually a better idea because it is more natural way to learn because it is all about communication and interaction.

Next meeting is Friday 20.2


Skype meeting

After long time, I did my last “meeting”, this time only with Iris. Because, I´m already in my homecountry, we were talking through Skype. Situation brought some new phrases I wanted to know in finnish, such as “long time no see” (pitkästä aikaa). However, while I was still living in Tampere, much more ideas were crossing my mind, so this last time I didn´t have as much questions as before. But I had some, Iris said the finnish translation to me and also wrote it down and sent as message. I also asked about translation of slovak phrase, that foreign people could consider to be meaningless: en ole paimentanut hanhia kansasi. Actually, we can use this to put someone in their place, when their behavior is becoming rude. Then I explained little bit of slovak pronunciation and sentence melody. Because our language is very musical, and melody of sentence can change its meaning.

And this was the last meeting. Unfortunately, Yuki was too busy with her duties, so she was not able to join us, but we will surely keep in touch – I still have some questions about japanese language, and surely by time I will find more questions for finnish as well. But for now I was satisfied… I know EEEEVERYTHING I wanted B-) (nah, more like: I have it everything in my exercise book… O.o )

Baking meeting

For seventh meeting we gathered together in house of Iris again to bake so called Korvapuusti – cinnamon rolls. Recipe was in Finnish, so we had another set of words to learn. Some of those I knew from shopping for my own survival during months in Finland, but some of the words were new, and Iris also finally let me know, what does rkl and tl mean 😀

Funny part (at least for Iris) was her asking about amounts of ingredients and asking for help with various things – in finnish x.x So we had training in everyday finnish speaking 😀 We tried our best to guess whole meaning of question and then to answer back in finnish.

While girls were rolling the dough (kneaded by me – I had to do my part of job too), I was filling my white places in vocabulary book, alternately asking Iris and Yuki for those words and phrases in Finnish and Japanese.

Later, we had discussion about religions and age, when people are allowed to marry and drink alcohol. In Japan, they have rather complicated religion, connected with worship of ancestors.

Finally, cinnamon rolls were done and we enjoyed them with tea and some card games.

Austria Vs Germany

In our eight class we were discussing things between the two German and Austria. I have the lucky group that my two teacher one is from Austria and the other from Germany. So I got to know the different between they two in language and culture. However they have the same language, they have some different worlds or way to say the things, also Austrians they do not like to be confuse by calling them Germans.

Susi and Stina told me that in German you drink much more beer than Austria. However, in Austria you drink much more wine than Germany. Also the way of living in Germany is much more expensive than Austria. And ofcourse they refer to their capitals (Berlin and Vienna) saying that Berlin does not look like German at all and Vienna does look representative for Austrian.

Was a good fun meeting, listening the different stereotypes of both countries. But yet i can not decided which one is better .. both of them have so much to offer. Flag_of_Germany_and_Austria


The next meeting we held was in the store again! This time we went for second-hand though. I was interested in the vintage-looking sweater, so I had the following (or almost like that, I don’t remember the precise conversation) with the salesperson (myyjä):

Me – Hei! Mitä tämä pusero maksaa?

Myyjä- Se maksaa 13 euroa

Me- Hyvä on. Minä otan pusero ja punainen sateenvarjo

Myyjä- OK! Ne tekevät yhteensä 20 euroa

Me – Tässä!

Myyjä- Kiitos

Me – Kiitos, hei-hei!

Myyjä – Moi-moi!



This meeting I’m going to write about, took place in the grocery store. In order to apply our knowledge straight away, we decided not to spend much time in the classroom. Plus, we all needed to go grocery shopping, so after revising the names of the products we were going to buy, except for ice cream, had to figure it out on the field, because it was an unplanned purchase 😀 Anyway, here’s some vocabulary I have learned( aka products I bought): banaani, tomaatti,appelsiini,sipuli,valkosipuli,munakoiso, omena,meloni,peruna, mehu,kahvi,tee,leipä aaaaaand jäätelö!

Our first teaching and learning meeting

This is my first blog post _ever_. That is why I feel a bit insecure writing it, but I hope that I am still able to produce something readable.

I am a 22-year old Finnish girl and my goal is to learn German. Also, I am going to teach some Finnish to my pair. During our first meeting in Kulmakonditoria 4th February we together discussed the contents of the preliminary plan. On 12th February we met again in the same place concerning our first teaching and learning task. Kulmakonditoria is a nice place and it is quite hard to get a table from there, but we have succeeded in having a seat both times.

We both love tea, so we ordered tea and something to go with the tea. Vanessa had Runebergintorttu, which was something that I taught her to pronounce and I also introduced her to the history of the pastry and the actual person Runeberg.  We also discussed the pastries that are associated with Laskiainen.

We spent approximately 1,5 to 2 hours in the café and during this time we taught each other to order food (I learned it in German and Vanessa in Finnish), and we made a food-themed Finnish-English-German vocabulary concerning words that where of interest to us. We also discussed the fact that Vanessa would like to concentrate more on my German teaching and learning and she would like to learn only some Finnish.

Here is pictures of our work after we were finished with the food vocabulary (and the great food : D).

Teaching and learning Finnish-English-German food-themed vocabulary and Finnish grammar
Teaching and learning Finnish-English-German food-themed vocabulary and Finnish grammar
Our vocabulary with all the smudges (my faults) :D
Our vocabulary with all the smudges (my faults) 😀
Our vocabulary page 2, also with all the smudges (my faults) : D
Our vocabulary page 2, also with all the smudges (my faults) : D

All in all, I think we both learned a lot about the languages and also cultures. It was nice to meet at a cafe at this date, because we could see and discuss both Runebergintorttu and Laskiaispulla.

I have noticed that even after a few days I still remember words in German from our vocabulary like Johannisbeere, Blumenkohl and Erdbeere. Now I also remember to write the substantives with capital letter. I also remembr the phrase “Ich nehme…” as I would order something in a store or a café etc.

In my personal opinion, our meeting was awesome and I had a lot of fun!

who are you ? wer bist du?


Seven meetings.

And this one was to remember one of the first ones, telling who are you, my name is, I am 23 years old, I live in Tampere, I am from Chile, I born in Brazil and all those in German.

From the beginning was a bit confusing to remember all those sentences in German again, but with some help and encourage to know more It was getting easier and easier. Plus it was my third hot chocolate that I was talking that same week, so belly was happy as well. Here are some sentences in German.

Gutten morgen ich heiße Roberto, Ich bin 23 Jahre alt und ich bin aus Chile, aber zur Zeit lebe ich in Tampere, Finnland.

The pronunciation was not that good, but with the time will get better.