Our fourth meeting

Our fourth meeting was on 4th March and we spent with each other approximately 2 hours. This time we met at Tuomiokirkonkatu Vohvelikahvila and we ate waffles while I was teaching Vanessa some Finnish. We read some parts of my childhood book called “Hauvahauskaa”. Our reading session included reading lists of rules, menus, comparisons etc. Vanessa did really good and we realized that she already knew a lot of Finnish words that we still have not even practised yet.

Finnish is a quite hard language to learn, but it is still possible when you work for it really hard 🙂 I plan to participate on a German course in TAMK and I hope it supports my learning to speak fluent German. I still have a long journey ahead of me, but I think I can achieve my goal some day.

Next time we will meet in a restaurant and I hope that we can manage ordering the food in Finnish (Vanessa) and German (me, role played with Vanessa).

Tuomiokirkonkatu Waffle café

Tuomiokirkonkatu Waffle café

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