Hanna and I met again last Thursday. What a beautiful day it was 🙂 This time we only practiced Finnish.

We met at school and went to eat to Medi-Heli, the student restaurant at Kuntokatu 4. I had never known it was called Medi-Heli until Hanna told me. Food is tastier there than at Kuntokatu 3, and the atmosphere is also friendlier. We talked about many topics; for example, literature. Hanna recommended me to read Sofi Oksanen. I showed her the book I am reading at the moment. It is a collection of Finnish novelettes translated into Hungarian. At Metso, they have several shelves of literature in Hungarian, which is very nice because I’m not able to read other than children’s books in Finnish yet. This is the cover page of my book.

After lunch, we came to my home to drink chocolate tea. Unfortunately, I have to import this tea from Hungary because chocolate teas available in Finland don’t taste this good. Last time I was in Hungary, I took half a kilo.

Zuzika was much friendlier towards Hanna than the first time 🙂 Moha, for a moment, looked like she was planning to sit on Hanna’s lap, but then changed her mind. Maybe next time! This week we meet at my place again.

Hanna told me that there was a new kirpputori in Sammonkatu and invited me to go there with her. Since she came by bicycle, we went to the cellar to take a look at mine, so that we can both cycle if possible. Unfortunately, one of the tires was a bit flat. We tried to pump it but didn’t really manage with the small pump we found in the bicycle storage room. We ended up cycling to the shop anyway, and it was very nice to take out my bicycle from the cellar after several months and ride it in the sunshine. I think I have never been so happy about spring as here in Finland ;D

The shop was quite big and they had interesting products, but I didn’t buy anything. Hanna found a nice top for her sister. They really had everything, books, kitchen tools, baby clothes, spare parts for bicycles…. good to know, just in case 🙂

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