American movie night “Ouija”. Meeting #4.


We met with Hyun Ssong at Toas city where he lives and decided to watch some nice movie. Though first we planned to watch a Korean one, we couldn’t download it to his computer, so we decided that our meeting number 4 will be an american movie night. And next time we will watch something Korean.

So as both me and Ssong like horror movies, we decided to watch a quite new film called OUIJA. Ssong also turned on English subs, so it was easier for him to follow the conversations.
In my opinion, the movie wasn’t very interesting and some moments were really quite stupid, so I definitely do not recommend it to you, guys.
Anyway, I had fun, because we really did laugh at some very really stupid mistakes that were in the movie, so all in all I think we had a good time laughing constantly 🙂
At least, Ssong learned some new words and I had a good time, so it was a good experience anyway.

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