Tampere FilmFestival

A few weeks ago we decided to go to the Tampere Film Festival. I wanted to watch all the movies, because they had such a great programme. But in the end we decided to watch a movie from a Finnish director – Jan Ijäs (http://www.av-arkki.fi/en/artists/jan-ijas_en/)

We saw a collection of his short movies and I was really impressed. His work is a media experiment and he uses analogous cameras and strong sounds. His topics are quite ambitious. For example there was a documentary about refugees in Helsinki and the conditions they are living in. Their status is not clear and so they are not allowed to work and have to stay in the refugees house the whole day.

Some movies were in Finnish, but Jasper helped me to understand the basic content. In the end the director himself told some words about his work and asked the audience for questions. Unfortunately that was also in Finnish….

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