3rd Meeting : Let ‘s talk about our culture.

Mariona , Essi ,Eeaun and I met in front of Stockmann.

This day Stockmann was saled so we took catalog from Stockmann and went to Cafe.  We learned cultural thing on this day.  In finland, Essi told us that It is hard to find a job. I could understand it because in Korea also hard to get a job. We told about this subject.

In Finland, If you want to get a job, you must have experience about this. Otherwise, you can not get a job. So, Many Finnish students get different kind of internship at least 15 weeks. Spain also they need internship to find a job. Mariona told me During the Internship they learned many practical thins from company . So, It is really valuable time to them.   And she already finish her internship last summer vacation.

We chatted about Finland ,Spain and Korea school system and other topic but I can’t remember what did we talk about now.

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