5th meeting, Finnish, Korean and Spanish Culture!

Haley, Yeaeun, Essi and I went to a cafe near stockman to taste the different especial coffees that are in that cafeteria. But first we stopped in Stockmann took one of their catalogs, because Stockmann was on sales period and then we went to the cafe.

Once there we ordered our coffee and cakes and went to a table to translated the different parts of the catalogue, like the days of the week, the numbers and the cloths.

maanantai Monday
tiistai Tuesday
keskiviikko Wednesday
torstai Thursday
perjantai Friday
lauantai Saturday
sunnuntai Sunday

The numbers are: Nolla [0], yksi [1], kaksi [2], kolme [3], neljä [4], viisi [5], kuusi [6], seitsemän [7], kahdeksan [8], yhdeksän [9], kymmenen [10].

Once we finish to read our catalog, we stared to talk about our education system in each country. The Spanish and Finnish systems are quite similar in order that to get a job, when we finish our degree it’s important to first have done some kind of job during university or during summer to have experience, because if not is really difficult get the first job.

But in Korea is different, in Korea when you finish your degree to get a job is according to your university, because the universities in Korea go by a ranking levels, the students that go to the higher universities, those universities that have more reputations, have more facilities to get a good job that the students that go to universities with less level. So the most important issue to get a good job in Korea is the university that you have been studying.

Also we were talking about other issues related with the school and education system. Finally we explained our future plans after this Erasmus and I realized that I am not the only one who does not know what to do after graduation !

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