6th Meeting, Spanish vocabulary and culture class!

Haley and I went to the public library in Tampere to study Spanish. Haley said me that she want to go with her mother to Barcelona this summer, so I tried to teach her easy phrases and conversation, that could be many useful if she will travel to Barcelona.

  • How are you –> ¿Cómo estás?
  • Bien –> Fine
  • Nice to meet you –> Encantada (finish with a because is a girl, if not will be Encantado) de conocerte
  • Where are…? –> ¿Dónde está…?
  • Train station –> Estación Tren
  • Bus –>Bus
  • An other useful conversation words.

Once, we finished to practice all this phrases I show to her the different places that she can go in Barcelona and the food that can eat there. Like Tapas, Paella with seafood or meat, Churros, fruit juices…

Haley went to Barcelona ones, so she explain me the different thighs that she visited there and the food that tasted. I’m very glad that she likes Barcelona and our food and culture.

The next week my mother will come and she will bring the paella pan to make paella, so I want to make paella with Haley in our next Spanish meeting!

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