#8 Ice Cream

This time Victoria and me went to Koskikeskus for an ice cream instead for coffee. As she is writing her German exam tomorrow, we just went through the topics she will have to work on in her exam, the German ‘Dativ’ and ‘Akkusativ’. At first she was asking questions I did not know how to answer, because I studied the rules of Dativ and Akkusativ really a long time ago and just knew the basic things, as I am used to use it in everyday life. But after some time I got where she had problems and I hope I could answer Victoria’s questions properly. In my view it is really hard to explain something you just know because you are used to it and not because you studied it. And for Dativ and Akkusativ that is especially difficult because those cases are very similar and you really have to watch out which case is what type.

As we did not do too much Russian this time, except of a little bit of talking, Victoria will bring her friend from St. Petersburg next week, who is visiting her for some time. When she will accompany the meeting, I will be forced to talk Russian all the time and without some English words, because she does not speak English very will. I am really curious about that meeting.

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