Fi – Ger | Seventh Meeting

One Week later we met each other at my place to cook something with my house mates. Susanne helped me to prepare some German maindish. The dessert I already prepared earlier. Because the cake needs to get cold in the fridge for some hours. It was a chocolate cake with biscuits. It is called “Kalter Hund” and is an famous sweet for children’s birthday parties.

For main dish I decided to make potatos with curd cheed, herbs and onions. It is a nice dish for summer time when it is hot outside and you don’t want to eat that much. We had a lot of fun while we were cooking. Susanna has never been before at Lapinkaari – and it is always a challange to cook nice food in such small rooms and special kitchens.

During our international dinner with my friends we were talking a lot about differents between Finnish milk, butter and curd chees. Now I know the red milk is the fresh one and dark blue has more fat content then milk which is light blue.

Thanks to all of you for the nice evening. By the way – I didn’t take pictures, sorry

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