#9 Each One – Teach One

Since my parents are coming to visit me tomorrow, I had a meeting with Luis today. After my Finnish exam and before my final and last accounting class we met in the TAMKO office to have a coffee. It was quite busy and apart from each other, we were also talking to others.

Today we were basically talking about our time at TAMK and especially in Finland. I am leaving next Wednesday and Luis is heading back home for a nice and long summer vacation on the 17th of May. When talking about the courses we have taken and the people and teacher we have met, I quickly switched back to my home university in Holland. I told him about a good friend of mine (he is German as well) and after his graduation he went to Brazil for one year. He did not know the language at all, but is very gifted when learning a new language (for instance at school he learned Russian!). He came back and his Portuguese was nearly perfect (sometimes even better than his English). Since his study program forced him to take to additional languages he chose for Chinese and Spanish. As we all know they are quite similar but you still have to learn. My Spanish teacher back there is a native speaker and very nice. Whenever we had oral presentations, he mixed up many words with Portuguese, but she was rather laughing about this. Luis quickly went on and said that they obviously are similar, but some words are different and the pronunciation is also completely different. But he said that Brazilian Portuguese is quite nice and easy to understand since they pronounce everything pretty clearly. He also told a story when three people (one Chinese, one Spanish and one Portuguese) met and everyone was talking in their mother language and they still understood each other. The first day Luis was just standing next to them, eyes wide open. The next day he also understood parts. It is funny how languages are related. At the end we were just explaining some words of things that surrounded us:

Kaffee – coffee – café

Leute – people – gente

Tee – tea – té

Buero – office – oficina

Milch – milk – leche

Zucker – sugar – azúcar

Tasse – cup – taza

Sofa – couch – sofa

Kueche – kitchen – cocina

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