Countries and nationalities in Spanish

Zsofia gave me some homework! It was about countries and nationalities. It doesn’t seem too difficult accept for the nationalities when I need to remember the right ending and the accents. So I made a couple of mistakes.. I should also have a better look at the conjugations of the verbs and specially the ones that are irregular. Some of the conjugations of the verbs have to be learnt by heart for example the verb “to be.” It is an irregular verb just like in French.

I’m still a beginner in Spanish but Zsofia on the other hand is incredible good in Finnish! It feels unreal that she understands me and replies with nearly perfect sentences. I don’t know what to teach her anymore 🙂

But what I’ve learned is that behind the scenes there is a lot of work. It ain’t easy to learn a foreign language specially Finnish. Maybe you’ve seen the photo where there are 9 different meanings for “Kuusi palaa” 😉

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