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It’s all about the food

Our sixth meeting was 1.4. and as we had planned last time, the theme was food. I had prepared my part of the meeting well and bought some Finnish food products. This meeting’s menu was: Karelian pasties, salmiakki, Fazer blue, Pätkis, hopea toffee and vispipuuro. I was a bit dissappointed that I couldn’t find a small package of mämmi (traditonal Finnish Easter food).

While Ruihai showed me some Chinese food programmes on Youtube we tasted my Finnish foods. I was very proud that he tried all of them!

Learned from this meeting: Chinese people eat mostly Dumplings and noodles! Or at least that wat it seemed to my eye! But honestly, Chinese food looks so good and the diversity of food is so huge that I would eat it any time.

I can highly recommend everyone to watch the food programmes we watched on Youtube! Just search by A Bite of China!

Online shopping

Our fifth meeting with Ruihai was all about shopping! What would be more perfect subject for a girl! We were comparing about Finnish and Chinese online shopping culture. I had read that the online commerce is a fast growing business in China. Ruihai told that it is true and showed me couple of websites from where people buy different products.

I think the biggest difference between Chinese and Finnish online shopping is that Chinese people buy lots of food online. This is not that common in Finland. Or at least none of the people I know have used Internet to order food.

While watching a Chinese online grocery store we started to talk about different foods and food products. That gave us a new topic for the sixth meeting! Let’s talk about food!

Link for Helsingin Sanomat article about Chinese e-commerce (only in Finnish): Chinese e-commerce

~9th meeting: free talking – Korean nightlife~

Last Thursday me and Yoon Soo met at Tamko. We decided to do  free talking this time. First we talked about Korean nightlife in English. I know already something about it from my Korean friends whom I have met last semester. When I will go to Korea, I want to experience different kinds of nightlife in Seoul, and Yoon Soo said she want to indroduce Korean night culture to me. She told me some interesting things which I didn’t knew ㅋㅋ

Then we made a dialogue (a phone call) so as we plan to go out in Korea. It went easily for me as I knew already almost all of phrases. I decided to write it down to train my writing skills and to share with people here who also learn Korean.

Hongdae, Seoul
Hongdae, Seoul

나: 여보세요! (Me: Hello! (on the phone) )
윤수: 안녕 올하! 뭐해? (Yoon Soo: Hi, Olha! What are you doing?)
나: 안녕윤수야! 난 공부해…왜 전화 했어? (Hi, Yoon Soo! I’m studying…Why did you call?)
윤수: 나 심심해 ㅠㅠㅠ 저녁에 뭐해? (I’m bored ㅠㅠㅠ What are you doing in the evening?)
나: 나 아무것도 안해. (I don’t do anything.)
윤수: 저녁에 바 갈까? (Let’s go to the bar in the evening?)
나: 줗아! 무슨 바? (Good! Which bar?)
윤수: 난 EXIT바 가고 싶어. (I want to go to EXIT bar.)
나: 그바 어디에서? (Where is that bar?)
윤수: 홍대에서. 어디서 만날까? (It’s in Hongdae (*district of Seoul, famous for night life). Where should we meet?
나: 내 칩 앞에서 만나자. (Let’s meet in front of my house.)
윤수: 그래. 한시간 갈리지만 알았어. (Fine. It will  take 1 hour but okay.)
나: 미안, 몰랐어! 그러면, 홍대놀이터에서 만나자! (Sorry, I didn’t know! Then, let’s meet at Hongdae Playgroung!)
윤수: 그게더 줗다. 몇시에? (I like this more. What time?)
나: 여덟시에 공부 끝나.아홉시에 만나자? (I finish studyind at 8 o’clock. Let’s meet at 9?)
윤수: 줗아! (Great!)

I’m very happy that my speaking skills are improving. Yoon Soo helped me a lot! Unfortunately the next week will be our the last EOTO meeting…but not last meeting in our life! We will meet in July in Tampere for few days and, hopefully, next year in South Korea! ~(ㅅ ㅗㅅ)~

Language for young people

Our fourth meeting with Ruihai was 18.3.

The fourth meeting started as usual. Just basic How are you? and telling about what is going on in our lives. Ruihai taught me again some Chinese words. This time it was all about youngster language in China. I think this will be usefull if I’m planning to go to an exchange to China. All in all I’m going to be there then with young people so using ”their” language, I will fit in more easily.

By going this far, I have noticed that the course has been totally different from what I expected. But to my mind it has been even better than I thought. The teaching and learning comes naturally by discussing with eachother and the learning comes with it. There is no need for pushing one another to learn. Both are very keen on learning and our teamspirit is awesome!

Fi – Ger | Sixth Meeting

On this evening I traveled the first time to Hervanta to visit Susannas place. We cooked together and talked about Finnish food. We eat bloody pancakes with vegetables and jam. It is a crazy combination but taste good. And if I don`t know the blood inside I wouldn`t recognized it. After this special pancakes we eat different kinds of chees with typical crisp bread. I liked it really much. And drank selfmade juice made by her grandma. We also taste some different kind of teas which are Susannas favourites.



IMG_3956  IMG_3957  IMG_3958

In her nice apartment are living also one dog and three hamsters. Soon she will also get some guinea pigs. That`s why we were talking about animals, keeping of animals and breeding – of course in German and Finnish.

hamster – hamsteri
guinea pig – marsu
dog – koira
barn – talli
to breed – kasvattaa hoitaa

Fi – Ger | Fifth Meeting

In the second week of March we went to Manhatten Steakhouse in Koskikeskus. We decided for this restaurant because they always have some special prizes for their food. Because of our lessons about Finnish names of food I could understand some parts of the menu. It was a really nice feeling to read the menu without huge problems.


After our delicious lunch we went to a sport shop in Koskikeskus to learn some sport facilities and sport wear. We translated them in German and Finnish of course and tryed to repeat them on our way through the shop. Some word were a kind of similar in both languages. And for some words I built a memory hook to remember them. In German there is sometimes no special German word for something. In this case we use the English one. But in Finnish there is always a special word for it and no English version.


helmet – kypärä
sled – pulkka
ski – suksi
skates – luistin
snowboard – lumilauta

Fi – Ger | Fourth Meeting

This time we met each other in the waffle house Kuparitalon Vohvelikahvila. It was the first time that i visit this place. But I love this small and cozy café. The different kind of furniture and selfmade waffles makes it really unique. During my first visit i had tasted one of the salty waffles with salmon and cottage cheese. It was really delicious – I will come back.


Susanna brought her Finnish book Hauvahauskaa along to our Each One Teach One meeting. It was about the right way to teach and contact with a dog. I tryed to read and understand some sentences. We started with some simple poems. But there where to many words I can`t understand. That`s why we had to study first some new words to understand the whole poem.

After our great coffee break and talk about the special funny book we went to the candyshop in Finlayson. Susanna wants to show me some typical finnish sweets like different kinds of Salmiaki. It was really interesting how many of them exists. In the end I bought only few of them to taste it.

It was a very nice afternoon. I am looking forward to our next meeting.




On out 7th meeting, we decided to focus on speaking. Caroline was in Saint-Petersburg for a couple of days and she told me in detail about her visit in Russian. I was quite impressed to hear that she spoke only Russian there and she managed really well! Her pronunciation now is at the very good level so i think we shall continue practicing speaking skills, so that she can be fluent very soon. I was really happy to hear that she liked the city so much  and she wants to go there again in the future. I hope we can meet up in Saint-P some day and i can show her all nice places.

After that i practiced with Caroline my German speaking and i think i am slightly better than i was in the beginning. I just started to learn German in January so i think if i continue this way, i can speak quite well in a couple of years. We also discussed about education systems in our home countries and we found several similarities, which is really good. If i am going to Germany on exchange it will not be very hard to get used to a new system 😀

Looking forward to our next meeting!

Tampere Comic festival

Essi told us, in our last meeting, that she would be organizing the Tampere comic festival during the weekend. This festival was a small comic event that was opened in the Finlayson area. Haley and I decided to go to see Essi and also because both wanted to see a festival in Tampere.

We met in Stockmann and we went together to the Finlayson area, once there, we met Essi that was dressed with an amazing Kimono that she bought went she was in Japan two years ago. Haley and I waited until Essi had free time to show us the festival; we were looking the different comics that Essi and other finish people made. Once Essi finished her work, the three, went to visit the entire comic event. We saw the different small shops and events that were there.

After that, Essi had to come back, so Haley and I decided to go to dinner, we went to a burger restaurant in Finlayson area, there we where talking about the most famous events that we have in each country, Korea and Spain.

In Barcelona we have a lot of events, the biggest ones are Sonar, a musical festival during the summer period and Saló del manga, a comic festival, one of the biggest in Europe that is always during October. Haley also explained me different events that are in Korea.

Then we started to talk about events of another countries that we want to go, and we realised that we like the same things, both wants to go to a famous comic festival in USA, Comic Con, because in our country we don’t have this kind of events and we like the same movies.

We were talking about another cultural issues of our countries related with the events and festivals. Haley said me that if I will go to Korea in spring there are a lot of spring festivals and events that are really beautiful. I hope that I can visit her the next year!


6th Meeting, Spanish vocabulary and culture class!

Haley and I went to the public library in Tampere to study Spanish. Haley said me that she want to go with her mother to Barcelona this summer, so I tried to teach her easy phrases and conversation, that could be many useful if she will travel to Barcelona.

  • How are you –> ¿Cómo estás?
  • Bien –> Fine
  • Nice to meet you –> Encantada (finish with a because is a girl, if not will be Encantado) de conocerte
  • Where are…? –> ¿Dónde está…?
  • Train station –> Estación Tren
  • Bus –>Bus
  • An other useful conversation words.

Once, we finished to practice all this phrases I show to her the different places that she can go in Barcelona and the food that can eat there. Like Tapas, Paella with seafood or meat, Churros, fruit juices…

Haley went to Barcelona ones, so she explain me the different thighs that she visited there and the food that tasted. I’m very glad that she likes Barcelona and our food and culture.

The next week my mother will come and she will bring the paella pan to make paella, so I want to make paella with Haley in our next Spanish meeting!