Business as usual :)

Hanna and I met on another occasion a long-long time ago, still in April, only I was too lazy to write a post about the meeting soon enough 🙁 I visited her on a Friday by bicycle and we did a few Spanish exercises from the Vuela coursebook. We learned how to form nationality adjectives from country names. It is not easy since there is a number of suffixes, and there isn’t much logic in which suffix to use when. How could you guess, for example, that the adjective created from Francia is francés, and from Rusia, it’s ruso… We also reviewed how to present oneself in a few simple sentences: name, nationality and place of residence.

We were originally planning to eat lunch at the Ziberia student restaurant, but when we stopped practising, we realized it was already past 14:00. Hanna saved us from starving because she knew what I didn’t, that it is possible to get lunch in Tampere after 14:00! I had no idea but, apparently, the canteen at the University of Tampere is open non-stop until the evening. This is some very useful information for me since I like to eat lunch late, even 14:00 can be too early for me. Most Hungarians like to eat lunch exactly at 12:00 but I’m very Spanish in this respect ;D

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